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Full Version: SINs of the 6th World
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I was looking at the official timeline trying to reconcile the statement in Shadows of North America, that the CAS left over the UCAS's establishment of a welfare state, with the fact that well, the UCAS as written isn't. Here's what I came up with:

The Rise of the Sprawl.

The countryside in the sixth world is awakened. Or to put it simply there are a number of dangerous awakened creatures out their that don't like metahumanity (for example the juggernaut). Most of Shadowrun features sprawl dwellers in cramped quarters (often with Barrens on the outside of the map). In the 6th world living in the country or the suburbs is DANGEROUS. Even when it's possible to live away from civilization, the dangers or North American Flora and Fauna make regular resupply a tricky business.


The creation of the UCAS came after two public health crisis (Goblinization and a VITAS outbreak that killed 10% of the population) and the first Matrix Crash. Not everyone who was a US citizen was granted a UCAS SIN. (Interestingly the UCAS has a 30% SINless rate while the CAS a 20%). So maybe a better read on the split with the CAS would read something like this:

In the wake of goblinization and the VITAS outbreak UCAS officials sought a method to ration scarce public resources. The first Matrix crash gave them the chance to do just that. With the loss of many public records, it became impossible to establish, in many cases, that one was a UCAS citizen prior to 2029. Instead, the UCAS instituted a system where all residents would be required to reapply for citizenship (and a SIN). The new System Identification Numbers would be granted only to those "making a positive contribution to UCAS society". Those not granted a SIN would be eligible for only the most basic of public services, if any.

The SIN program was a marked departure from prior thought. The UCAS would be composed only of a subset of those living in it's territory, those holding a national, as opposed to a corporate or no SIN. In light of the hostile nature of the UCAS countryside, and the difficulties in providing, legally required, services to rural areas, basic eligibility for a SIN required residence in a recognized Metroplex of at least one million people.

Unlike the North, large numbers of, heavily armed, Southerns still lived in rural areas. Several Southern states lacked ANY metroplex that would qualify for issuance of a SIN. These factors would form the basis for Southern succession.
Sounds quite valid. It would fall under the no taxation without representation mentality of the USA. Since the Yankee states would have more metroplexes, they would have a higher ratio of disenfranchised citizens (the future SINless) to franchised citizens (SINers) so less people would complain. In the Dixie states though the reverse it true would would feed the "I'm outa here" mentality. This would also explain the lower SINless rate in the CAS (I'm thinking any SINless are that way by choice or are part of a marginal group (metas in a prodomenent humanis area)).
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