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The other day I was flicking through some of the old Sin City yarns, and after looking at the Superhero thread it struck me that it would be an interesting idea to do the same with SC characters.

I’d say the same rules apply: there’s no BP or qualities limit, if it’s allowed in any SR book, it’s allowed here, and the characters you fiddle up can be the mains, major/minor side characters, bad guys or they may be dead. The point is to muck about.
Guess who?

Troll adept:
S: 10
B: 10
A: 3
R: 4
L: 4
W: 3
C: 4

Negative qualites:
-Impaired Vision (-3, single eye)
-Compulsion, Torture
-Mania, Torture

-Nasty Vibe

Intimidation (Torture) 6
Leadership (organized crime) 4
Etiquette (Organized crime) 3
Infiltration 4
Shadowing 6
Unarmed Combat 6

Improved ability (intimidation) 4
Commanding Voice

Golden Eye (F2 power focus)
Hi there, Manute. cyber.gif

Nice build, but harkening back to 3rd ed, aint it?

Also not sure if all the focus on Torture is justified: in the movie he tortures Gail, but in the books you never see him do anything of the sort. I'd say he's delusional in the extreme, seeing Ava as a goddess, and serving every employer fanatically.

But making him a troll adept is class. Definetly, classy.
I have read quite a few of the novels (including the one with Ava), but I suppose that crunching jaw sound from the movies must have stuck with me.

The whole fanatically loyal thing made me stop and reconsider the Willpower attribute? Would it be low because of his loyalty and the ease in which he was manipulated by Eva? However, he's also unwavering and rarely intimidated by the protagonists, so it was a hard one.

3rd Ed? I didn't give him Edge or a Magic rating because it didn't really seem important, and I couldn't be bothered juggling power points.
Now I see what stumped me on what edition you'd used (apart from being at work and not realy having the time to mess about with this...): you dropped is Intuition.

I like the build, though, and I'd say keep his Willpower high, but give him a geas, in that he serves whomever he sees as his master/mistress (he has nearly the same loyalty for later employers that he has for Ava) with abolute devotion.

And oh, yeah, that crunchy noise is...unplesant.
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