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Full Version: Ok, what are Fatigue Tests?
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Ok, on page 147 of Ghost Cartels

characters wearing any non-environmentally adapted armor will have to make Fatigue Tests every 10 minutes during the day, 20 at night.

But I can't Find Fatigue tests in the BBB. I found Fatigue damage, but the tests there set the time limits for when you take damage/pass out. Setting a time limit on a test that sets time limits seems a bit counterproductive.
For a possible answer see Fatigue Damage p.155. The Body + Willpower test it describes sounds like the attribute only tests on p.130.
Rotbart van Dainig
Of course, the suggestions on p. 147 is pretty much against RAW:

Such issues are subject to the Survival Test.
Interestingly, Fatigue Tests come up quite a bit in Augmentation as well.

p.90 Double Elastin comes with a -1 dice pool penalty on Fatigue Tests.
p.91 Neo-EPO confers a +1 dice pool bonus on Fatigue Tests.
p.94 Endure confers a +3 dice pool bonus for Fatigue Tests.
p.111 Oxyrush adds it's rating to the dice pool for any Fatigue Tests.

I don't consider the list on p.130 to be exclusive of the types of attribute only tests, so I'd just call Body + Willpower a fatigue test and call it closed.

But that's just me.
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