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Full Version: Hong Kong Map and Locations
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I've been working on creating a google map for the Hong Kong leg of my campaign and came across some inconsistency in Runner Havens when I was trying to label some locations;

In the corporate section, under the Kuroyama Geosource entry (p.39), we read about two major Shiawase facilities in Hong Kong. One is the Undersea Manganese-56 Mining Installation that is located somewhere out in the South China Sea. The other is the Cha Ma Wan (it's also spelled Cha Mo Wan at one point) Feng Shui Facility. I did a little search of Cha Ma Wan and Cha Mo Wan and got no hits for any kind of real location to stick a wind and wave facility. Google did its cocky little spelling suggestion though and told me to spell it Chi Ma Wan and I came up with a peninsula on Lantau Island that could work.

I'm asking the writers who post here, is this where it is and was it supposed to be spelled Chi Ma Wan?
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I wrote that, but let me get back to you on the answer, because I'll have to check my notes and see what I might have intended. I know at one point I was imagining a big wind farm/wave kinetics plant built on the surface of the sea, which might be why you couldn't find a location for it. But let me check on that.
Thanks for looking into it.

As far as anyone else goes, does anyone know why Google Maps won't display more than 10 shapes at one time? When I try to display my map with the division of Hong Kong sectors, it displays 10 of the 11 (leaving Sai Kung with no overlay to define its boundaries).

I know a lot of other dumpshockers like to make maps via Google, so maybe someone might have an answer?
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Are you using Google Maps or Google Earth? I used Google Earth for my Hong Kong locations overlay (which I've linked for download on these forums recently), but I didn't do district border overlays.
I am using Google Maps.

I've created maps for all of the different things one might want to know about Hong Kong. I made maps detailing;

the city sectors (this took two maps because Google Maps was being really stupid and wouldn't save the Sai Kung outline to my sectors map, so I have two sectors maps)
the city neighborhoods
sprawl sites (and points of interest)
overlays of both corporate influence (extraterritoriality) and criminal syndicate interests

I thought I'd make all of these in separate maps so anyone can save all of them to their maps profile and just check/select which ones they wanted to look at at any given time. It looks crazy jumbled when one overlays all of the different maps at the same time, but it's nice to know which corps and gangs might have turf around some points of interest...

My project before I go to bed tonight is to finish writing little sentence descriptions of why each locale is important and corporate and gang affiliations if the place has any.
Here's a link to the maps;

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That's some awesome work there!

And hey, since I mentioned it on this thread, I'll link my Google Earth overlay for Shadowrun Hong Kong.
Well, that means a lot coming from one of the guys who wrote Runner Havens.

It's amazing comparing the locations of sites on your map to the ones on mine. The locations for places in RL Hong Kong match, and for the most part everything else matches too.

Here's a few differences I noticed right off the bat...

Your Yen-Yen is closer to Happy Valley. Makes a lot of sense. Making a change.

Both The Myriad Dream (closer to Charlie Chan's) and Cloud Nine (closer to Dante's Inferno) are positioned nearer to other clubs and club districts. Again, I like that and will probably change that.

I like the Wuxing Skytower being higher up on the hill and overlooking Aberdeen. Another change...

Some things that I found amazing were the similarities though. For being fictional locations, we put the Drunken Monkey, Clockwerks, Chop Chop Shop, and the Nakatomi Opera House on almost the same spots on both of our maps. Awesome.

Have you found your notes about the wind and surf farm?
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When I originally did the Hong Kong locations for Runner Havens, they had street addresses. The street addresses were cut from the drafts because they weren't seen as necessary. I did post them on the web awhile back and my Google Earth overlay is based on those street addresses. But that is pretty impressive that you put the locations in almost the same places.

The only notes I found referred to my original idea that wind/wave farm is actually located off-shore, on the surface of the water. I could swear there was a reason why I named it what I did, though, but I can't find those notes.
Any idea on where it might have been located off shore?
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It would be fairly far south of Hong Kong in the South China Sea, so it wouldn't be in the way of Hong Kong's very lucrative (and busy) shipping lanes.
I finally finished my Hong Kong map overlays, complete with final positions of locations and descriptions for everything put down on the map, complete with page references. Here's a link:

Make a profile, and save to your maps. Then you can check and un-check which map overlays you want at any given time. Click on locations to find out why they are of interest.
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