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So I may have the opportunity to play a game as a player and was thinking about trying something new, ie the Technomancer.
Now we always have been ignoring the matrix to a great extend before (stemming from our first decking experiences back in SR1) so i have to admit i'm rather ignorant of the rules regarding them.

About the character:
I was envisioning a dwarven male who attended medical school but due to being an E-scapist he failed miserably and now sits on his loan trying to pay it back via shadowrunning because his dayjob as dog catcher doesn't earn him enough. He hates dogs and thus uses his lousy medical skills to transform the bigger ones he catches into explosive biodrones.

[ Spoiler ]

As you can see he has rather low skills in the standard hacking categories as I wanted him to rely more on threading and sprites. Is that feasible?
Any comments are welcome, I know he's not an uber character or something like that but i do like the concept nonetheless grinbig.gif
Do you have Unwired? There are some things there that you can take which will make you more effective. And no stealth complex form? Wha?!
Yes i can get a copy of unwired (when a certain person looks in the wrong direction vegm.gif ).

About the complex form *cough* I just wanted to see if you pay attention *cough*

Gonna edit the post.
Spend way more points in your Complex Forms. Get your passive defensive Complex Forms up to 5: Stealth and Armor. Armor is way more important to TM's because they (TM's) don't have a Matrix Condition monitor, Matrix damage is Stun damage to them. Analyze is another one that you're going to need to get, though with TM's inherent +2 on Matrix Perception you probably only need it at a 3. Browse is another one that you'll need if you can ever see your TM needing to look for a particular file or bit of information.

Generally with TM's you have way more needs than you have points. Pick a few specific tasks/operations that you want your TM to be good at and make sure you are competent.
I havent played techno (yet) but on pretty much every topic that has advices about them says:

Have Stealth and Analyze as high as possible

Decompiling is like Banishing, almost useless. How often will you meet sprites in your game?

Take Shield, it adds to your Matrix Defense.
QUOTE (Ard3 @ Mar 11 2009, 04:55 PM) *
Decompiling is like Banishing, almost useless. How often will you meet sprites in your game?

Worse than Banishing. Possession Spirits can only be removed with Banishing so it does have a use, if an uncommon, niche one.

IF you can get hold of RC then do so and use the advanced lifestyles. In tune and Resonance Well will net you another 4 dice or so for all Resonance Tasks. An Allocation Bond, from Unwired, is a bit twink but will get you 3 or 4 dice for Fading. Threading is effectively limited by the size of your Fading dice pool so there's no point having a massive Threading dice pool if your Fading one doesn't keep pace.

What else? More Stealth. Analyse and Shield are both nice. Edit is more useful than you would think. Disarm is a good replacement for full-on Cyber-combat. If you can Disarm all the copies of Analyse being run in a Node you'll never have to fight anyone.

edit - If you don't want to ditch Decompiling or reduce it to one you should buy the Tasking Skill Group at 4 and save yourself the 8BP's.....

edit II - Ditch the massive Software skill. Buy the Electronics Group at 4, saving 2 BP's, which gives you a Threading pool of 11 Dice, exactly the same as your Fading pool and improves Computer and Data Search and you gain Hardware for free. Unless I've read the sheet wrong, you've bought every skill in the Tasking, Cracking and Biotech groups separately and wasted 14 BP's.
Updated my opening post.
Thanks for the answers everyone smile.gif
I did some more reading so it took a bit, sorry for that.

Malachi: I added a couple of complex forms and raised stealth.

Ard3: I took out decompiling. What is shield though? Didn't find it sorry for that.

Crizh: Build something from RC's advanced rules, took what you said and also added a free acces to it. Feels a little bit munchkinish to get such a load of bonuses for such little Nuyen. Took the allocation bond and even a Paragon. Problem was that I didn't realize that the fading was so high. The whole techno stuff seems so closely related to magic that i assumed the drain was hits/2, not actually hits. Disarm seems like a nice alternative especially as I can compile a tank sprite to do the dirty work if necessary but I decided to go for Nuke instead (hope that's feasible) and will get such extreme stealth stuff once i got more accustomed to all of this. Oh and I bought everything possible in Groups, it's just that the program I use generates sheets where the skills are listed individually and ,me being lazy, simply copy/pasted from there.

Oh and a quick question:
Does my biofeedbackfilter also protect me from the normal matrix damage?
Just asking, since as a technomancer everything works pretty much like a Blackout against me.
I can't really tell how you reallocated points without the old sheets. Looks like you took Electronics (3) and dropped the Tasking group and replaced it with Compiling 5 which saves 32 BP's. And then you spent that all on CF's?

You've managed to lose Registering in the shuffle which is a huge mistake for a TM that relies on Sprites. Assist Operation is the single nastiest trick a TM has and you need Registered Sprites to use it.
Thanks for the quick reply smile.gif
Yes i lowered electronics to 3, raised cracking to 3 lowered vehicle a point bought less drones and switched the positive qualities.
Sorry haven't got the old version myself anymore.
Didn't think that registering would be that useful at start. Doesn't it cost karma to do so?
I'm a bit of a miser to spend such stuff on not permanent upgrades embarrassed.gif but if you say it's worth it nonetheless i'm gonna rework the sheet again.
Nah, you only spend karma for Long Term Registering which is well worth it if you have the spare karma.

Assist Operations is a Registered Sprite service that adds the Sprites Rating to one of your complex forms for Rating combat turns. On top of your Threading...
oh, and for the attack program vs biofeedback filter question: no it doesn't. even if it is doing damage, it still isn't a biofeedback thing.

and i will also cast a vote for definitely taking registering. it's the only way to get more than one sprite at a time, and some of the most amazing services (such as the aforementioned assist operations) are completely dependant on registering. also, if an unregistered sprite ever leaves your persona's presence, that's a remote service... for unregistered sprites, that burns the rest of your services with that sprite.
Drop Cybertechnology, First Aid and Medicine; take the Biotech skill group (save 2 BP).
QUOTE (suppenhuhn @ Mar 12 2009, 11:49 PM) *
Ard3: I took out decompiling. What is shield though? Didn't find it sorry for that.

Unwired p. 136. Adds its rating to Matrix defense pool.
Ok, after your unanimous decision i put registering back into the skills.
Rewrote the list so that groups are listed as such.
While rereading the char gen i stumbled across a limit on the number of complex forms and thus decided to emphasize more on the droning side of things, trying to spoof the teams way through the facilities rather than hacking them directly. On occasions where i need to hack i rely solely on my sprites for the moment. Dice Pools for compiling and registering at home are 15 and 14 respectively, resisting fading with 14.
I also should be able to have a rating 5 (or some such) tank on standby for inevitable combats which i will try to evade like the plague until i have enough karma to buy some levels of shield and armor.
Oh, can one sprite assist another?

[ Spoiler ]
Just wondering, but why is your strength so high? Do you actually plan on getting into melee combat with this character?
I don't want to go up and personal when i can help it but i also don't want to be completely helpless when some random ganger threatens me.
Also 5 is merely average for a dwarf and i didn't see a reason to make him a wussy.
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