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Full Version: What happened to SoLA?
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What ever happened to Shadows of Latin America? I signed up with but never heard anything else from them. Now just forwards to . I love the Shadows series of books and would like to know what is happening in Latin America. Along those same lines I would have loved to see a Shadows of Africa book as well. There seems to be so much happening in these two contenants but no official information released.
feral cities has a brief overview of what most of africa is like.

as far as SoLA, it's still sitting in limbo, waiting to get finished.
to many projects, not enough people...
Ancient History
It got eaten by a grue.
QUOTE (Ancient History @ Mar 11 2009, 06:45 PM) *
It got eaten by a grue.

You shouldn't leave products in the dark.
The frightening thing is that they left holostreets subscribers in the dark.
QUOTE (Whipstitch @ Mar 12 2009, 12:45 AM) *
The frightening thing is that they left holostreets subscribers in the dark.

Actually, that was just a mailing list for you to be on when they ever got it up.

And, supposedly, the person who was developing holostreets left or something, and took all the information to access the mailing list with him/her. With no way for TPTB to access it, there was not much they could do.

However, we have it confirmed in the PDF for the 20th Anniversary Sr4 BBB that Holostreets IS goign to be up imminently, since, is listed in their "Find us on the web" and it listed Holostreets as a "Shadowrun Subscription service." I think that might have been the big announcement that Adam was talking about...not the(already known about) 20th Anniversary edition of the BBB.
QUOTE (Whipstitch @ Mar 11 2009, 11:45 PM) *
The frightening thing is that they left holostreets subscribers in the dark.

Yeah and I'm one of them.
Let's be clear about something: There are no Holostreets "subscribers," in that we have not taken a single solitary dime from anyone. There was an announcement mailing list, and at some point it got broken. Trying to recover the user list is one of those things on the TODO list.

As always, when we have Holostreets news to announce, we will announce it.
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