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Full Version: Printing runs and errata's
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What are the current printings and errata's incorporated of each book?
You could look at the errata files to see what is incorporated from what point on.
CGL2600A - Shadowrun core: 20th Anniversary Edition (7th printing basically)
CGL26001 - Street Magic: 2nd Printing
CGL26002 - Augmentation: 2nd Printing
CGL26003 - Arsenal: 2nd Printing
CGL26004 - Unwired: 1st Printing although there is an errata and I've heard there's a 2nd printing, I haven't actually seen it yet.
CGL26005 - Runner's Companion: 1st Printing

My copy of Unwired is 2nd printing, so it does exist.
Yep. I stopped by a new local gaming shop and he had the 2nd printing so I've seen it too (well, I bought it so technically I _have_ it too smile.gif ).

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