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So me and my running team are a few weeks away from getting our desktop forge shipped in from overseas.

That is if this crazy ninja spirit doesn't tear my teammates hearts out and I run my fat ass around my rigged van like a school girl because I'm now bound to do gay dwarfish snuff porn to pay off my debts to the Family.

Anyways, the rules for the feedstock are really vague or I've been blind, how have you and/or your team measured usage of feedstock for building?

I plan on mounting it to my Vulcan repair drone; plausible pairing?

How have you all used your forges in your workshops?

What do you think are the limits to its build capacity?

Come one, come all!!

Maybe all your two nuyen.gif together they can pay off my debts if everything goes south.
Kanada Ten
The short end of the stick is that all the usual costs to building something apply. That is, all a desktop forge does is upgrade your kit to a shop, or your shop to a facility. So in a pinch, I'd suppose that a desktop forge could act as a kit - a very slow kit - of any type.
These are some today Desktop Forges:

Desktop Forge Video Plastic

Deskstop Forge Metal Video

maybe it will help you to see how these things work.

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