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Full Version: Channeling and attribute maximums
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Channeling refers to the single body of the vessel being shared by two spirits. Aren't augmented attribute maximums in effect for channeled spirits based on the vessel's limitations?

Reference: SM p55 [channeling] and SM pp100-101
From the Shadowrun FAQ:

When a spirit uses Possession or Inhabitation on a character, are the dual entity's attributes limited by the character's maximum augmented attribute values?

No. Both powers represent a merging (temporary with Possession, permanent with Inhabitation) of the character's physical body with the form of the spirit. For the duration of the possession/inhabitation, the dual entity's maximum augmented attributes are equal to (character's attribute + spirit's Force) x 1.5, rounded down.

Channeling doesn't change this, it just allows the vessel (magician) to act if she wishes to do so.
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