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Full Version: do bio and cyber bonuses stack? 4e advice on char plz
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I'm new to the game and still trying to figure out a few things. I'm making a Brawn over Brains melee and have a question.
Does the DR bonus from Bone Lacing and the bonus from Bone Density stack?
My basic build is a Troll with surge quality.He has a mental handicap and char, Int and logic are all 1. He has the mentality of a 6, albeit a VERY big, year old. He has no complex skills, just basic physical ones. I gave him martial arts 2 (boxing) for +2 Dv and bone spikes for another +2. Taking specialization martial arts adds +2 to his attack pool, if I understand right. So with an augmented agility of 7 , 5 points in unarmed combat (spec MA) I am 7+5+2=13 and 1 reach for attack pool in melee. And with augmented strength of 11 I am 6+3+2+2=13 for damage value.
For ranged combat a simple Enfield As-7 does the trick.
That brings me to my question of stacking, with titanium lacing and Bone Density II. If they stack and my body is 10 and impact armor is 9 I have 10+8+3+2=23 DR. If not, I should remove bone density and look for something else. Any advice or pointers would be appreciated.
Bone Lacing and Bone Density specifically state that they do not work together.

All 'ware entries will state what they do NOT stack with (generally, cyber- and bio-ware versions of the same thing, like Bone Lacing and Bone Density, don't stack together). If it's not listed, it stacks.
I've been looking and could not find where it says it. It is not under either description, can you clue me in to a page # ?
Density & Lacing do stack, I believe.

Regardless, the point was that if it does not say otherwise, it stacks.
Whaddaya know, they DO stack. Mea culpa. I guess I just got it in my head that none of the cyber/bio "works-likes" stacked.
They don't stack. Just look at the FAQ on the homepage. Second entry on Cyber-/Bioware:

Q: Are bone lacing cyberware and bone density bioware compatible?

A: No. A character can have both, but only the highest bonus would apply.
was it ever cleared up if they meant all of the bonuses, only the melee bonuses, the damage resistance bonuses or what?
Well since it says "highest bonus" i would conclude that it refers to any bonus which both give. So if you had aluminum bone lacing and bone density 4, you would get the +4 DR from and Str/2+3 from the density (higher than +2, Str/2+2 respectively), and the +1 impact from the lacing (higher than nothing).
It's silly to do yes, but if you did i think thats how it would work
SR4A, Page 341: "Bone Lacing is incompatible with Bone Density Augmentation bioware."
Thanks for clearing it up.
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