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I want to revisit this (original post's table below) such that an "average" and a "specialist" mage under starting points have a 55-60% chance of achieving OR4 (generalist) or OR5 (specialist) and that the objects in that category are logically proper targets for starting characters.

Physical OR
(That is, when targeted by a spell that alters its form: Shape [Material], Ram/Wreck/Demolish, etc)

OR0: small rocks, sticks
OR1: a living plant
OR2: a tree, simple electronic device (wrist watch), boulders (full cubic meters of natural material, including refined ores*)
OR3: small simple objects (security camera, micro-drone), processed materials (full cubic meters of plastic and other man-made materials of low structure)
OR4: larger machines (washing machines, small drones), advanced materials (full cubic meters of reinforced armored plastisteel)
OR5: simple vehicles (your average sedan, motercycles, large drones, etc)
OR6: complex vehicles (helicopters, small aircraft, semi-trucks)
OR7: large complex vehicles (747s, rockets, etc)
OR8: small buildings.

Mental OR
(That is, when subject to Illusions and Manipulations that are targeted on something else
OR0: any non-living small object of less than 0.25 cubic meters.
OR1: any plant, any technological device that can not perceive the magical effect. Microdrones (same as cameras, below)
OR2: Security Camera (also rolls any ClearSight autosoft for additional hits, if none then the camera's Rating, if none, then assume R1)
OR3: small Drones (also rolls ClearSight or Rating)
OR4: medium and large drones (+ClearSight or Rating)
OR5: any of the above with multi-band sensors (infared + visual specturms, etc).
OR6: ?

Any technological device that perceives with a sense that is not covered by the illusion/manipulation is theoretically immune. Treat its optical sense as the above for purposes of "success," however the sensor suite in question will still pick up the caster/target as normal per the uneffected sense.

For example, if a mage casts Improved Invisibility on himself in order to sneak past a camera with an ultrasound visual enhancement and gets 4 hits then the camera will not observe him on the visual spectrum, but will still "see" him with ultrasound. A turret is using this camera for targeting data; because the camera can't see the mage the turret treats its target as if it were concealed in full darkness using ultrasound, -3.