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Hi Folks,

we know a lot here about houserules of other groups, where they play and where (especially in germany) "Shaowrun-free-zones" seem to exist, but how is playing in the rest of the world? How often do you play? Once per week? Once per month? Do you always finish your runs in one session? How long do you play in one session? Are Karma-presents of 6-8 only given in epic-3-session-nearly-all-wiped-out-runs or do you get so much karma also in a single session? It would be great to get some posts and to know more about the backround of other groups. Thanks in advance.

PS: Maybe you are interested how we deal with this here.^^ We play 2 times a month, 8 hours for each session minimum. Karma is only granted at the end of a run and a single one-day-session usually gives not more that 4 karma.
My group that I run plays once a week, every Tuesday. My standard karma rewards are about 5 karma, and usually they complete a run every week.

For a while they hunted Toxic Shaman and Blood Magi for the 1,000,000 nuyen.gif bounty for the Institute of Magical Research, and the karma rewards for beating Initiated, high-magic enemies was somewhere around 15 karma (and their lives were quite often in danger, and the hunt would take a couple weeks at least).
Wesley Street
The group I run plays every Friday for four hours in the evening. We're currently working our way through Emergence and I've been fleshing out each suggested adventure in the old module format (like On The Run) so they generally take 4 to 5 weeks to go through depending on how clever my players are on each given night. I've been running some shorter games too so that those who can't always attend can enjoy a complete run. Short adventures typically average 3 karma, the long ones can go for 8-10 (though I just finished a very long adventure that had 14 karma points awarded per PC).
We play every thursday, typically 3.5-4 hours a game. Usually finish the runs in a game, if they go as planned. If not, then it really depends on what didnt go to plan wink.gif. Karma really depends on the opposition
My group meets once a week (this school term it's Thursday, subject to change every term) for 4.5 to 5 hours (6pm to 11). The GM awards us, typically, 5+ Karma a session, regardless of run completion as runs typically take 2 to 4 sessions to complete.
Play once a week on Monday (Yes, I look forward to Monday) for about 4-5 hours. 4-5 players, usually it takes us a few sessions to finish a run. I don't like to give them cakewalks, I'm designing stories wrong if they go that quick. I hand out 5-6 karma when a run is completed, plus 2 karma for each session before it is completed.
My group usually meets every weekend for about 8-10 hours. We hardly ever finish a run in one session, and Karma is given at the end of every mission, not every session. It's usually 8-11 Karma depending on how much roleplaying was done or how endangered the characters were.
I have a regular group that I play with but we switch between Star Wars D6, Mechwarrior, Twilight Imperium, and SR4. We haven't been playing a lot of SR4 as of late though.
Once a week, Monday nights, 3-4 hours. The average award per run is just under 5 Karma. I award Karma at the end of each run, using the formula from the BBB plus 1 per session the run took. The minimum award has been 3 Karma for a one-session run, up to a maximum of 10 for a four-session everyone-almost died extravaganza.

Characters in my game have between 85 and 145 Karma, with an average of 120, gained from 30 runs so far.

The average cash award per run, btw, is just over 9,000 per run per shadowrunner, and the game has been running for 12 months of IC time, so they're pulling in about 20k a month each based on doing 2 or 3 runs a month.
I award karma and refresh Edge at the end of a 'run, and my karma rewards are usually about 5 or 6 karma (although for a few of the really, really difficult 'runs I handed out about 15 karma each).

For a while they hunted Toxic Shaman/Blood Magi for the 1mil nY bounty and completed 3, so they have a decent amount of cash (after disposable equipment, and the lifestyle they had was just detonated by one of the player's Enemy/Nemesis group, with most of their gear inside).

My players have roghly 90 karma each. I plan on ending the campaign right around 130 (another 3-ish months). One character is a Nosferatu with Carrier (Ghoul), Carrier (Dzoo-noo-qua), and Carrier (Banshee), based on Prince Arthas, the Lich King from Warcraft III/World of Warcraft. He is planning on turning the group to be generals in his Ghoul army sometime before the campaign ends.

The next campaign I was planning on running was one designed where the group would have to (eventually) fight the generals and the Lich King being created now.
My group plays every other Sunday for about 10-14 hours. If we get caught in the middle of a run then we might play the next weekend. Recently we played for three weeks in a row accumulating 10 Karma for the whole kitten. Its a mix of role and roll so we go off on tangents a bit, thus the lengthy in-games character roleplaying, but we all love it.
My group games for 4-5 hours every Sunday night like death and taxes. We swap GMing duties amongst three of us and I just picked up the mantle for another dose of (requested) Cthulhu goodness. I usually crank out a fairly long adventure so I dole out the karma by keeping track of the number of sessions and how well everyone did in terms of character development and keeping the ball rolling.
Wesley Street and I sound like GM Twins. I run every Friday, and likewise am about halfway through the Emergence Plot. I wrapped it around a couple of other things I wanted to do, but since I base my game in Hong Kong, it works pretty well. We're all thirty somethings to late forties players except for the son of one we've gotten addicted. My runs can take tree or more weeks to complete usually, and I give 1 to 2 Karma per session with a payoff of five or more at the completion of the run. I'm not too liberal with the nuyen, generally allowing them to maintain high lifestyles and get a bit of better gear here and there. They are currently working towards a "BIG" run and are deviously finding ways to make money while pursuing it.
I love Shadowrun, just had to say it! love.gif
We've been playing weekly, for years. In the last several months, it's dropped to every three weeks or so, for some reason. And periodically, we take breaks and play something else for a few weeks, just so we don't get burned out.
My group always try and play every sunday ... for as long as we can. We usualy acomplish alot per session and never want em to end. Playing tommorow and cant wait.
Once a month ish for 10 to 15 hours per session. Multiple session runs, all bespoke.
Relatively high nuyen yield but lower number of runs per in game time.
Low Karma rewards at the end of a run to keep the characters playing lives longer, started to use a stepped award system for karma to keep the magician playable and within power level of the cyber PC's.
Black Jack Rackham
Play once a week like clockwork on Sunday (4-8 pm) but rotate the game between three GMs (Earthdawn, HEX, and SR4). Edge usually returns between weeks but occasionally we get bogged down by something and it doesn't happen. Karma comes at the end of a run (usually around 5 per run).

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