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Full Version: UCAS Navy & CAS Navy
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Another thread got me started, and I wrote Sixth World Wiki entries for both:Does anybody have any sources or information I missed?
I just wanted to point out:

Circa 2060, the CAS Navy developed the SSVN, submarines capable of launching manned and unmanned combat aircraft. Rumored to have a displacement of almost 35,000 tons and carry a wing of six fighter aircraft. At the time, no other navy in the world had anything like it.

While Submarine aircraft carriers have existed, emphasis is moving towards UAV use. The newest German submarine has extensive UAV capabilities.

Of course this is Shadowrun and reality also has taken a divergent path since 1989.

In the New York chapter of the Neo-Anarchist Guide to North America, the part about Connecticut says New London is the last submarine base the Navy has in the UCAS.
Oh and from the impression I got from that one srun novel, the marines went with CAS during the split.
When the CAS left, the UCAS should still have kept all the USMC bases in California and Hawai. Then, when California also seceded, NAGNA says the UCAS government moved most (though not all) military units out of there.

The Norfolk issue was never clearly adressed. All known maps have Norfolk in the CAS, but SoNA states the CAs Navy major base are Pensacola and Mobile. In my games, I had Norfolk officially turned into a DMZ following the Treaty of Richmond in 2034, with Ares Arms stockpilling weapons there.
Not canon at all, but it's very strange that the CAS uses Mobile as its second carrier base instead of Mayport (Jacksonville, FL). I'm actually not sure that Mobile Bay is even a viable carrier basin, and it doesn't even have an active Naval Station (NS Mobile closed in '94), just a Naval Aviation training facility.
QUOTE (PBTHHHHT @ Mar 22 2009, 01:22 PM) *
Oh and from the impression I got from that one srun novel, the marines went with CAS during the split.

I could see that. I always thought that the UCAS military would be forced to take a more Canadian model of training and bureaucracy (mainly for the cost savings). That would mean each soldier/sailor/airman would be trained with the basics of each trade in their respective combat arms (this increases the basic efficency of the soldier/sailor/airman but decreases their effectiveness in their specilization). It would also require the National Guard to be integrated into a federal run (State supported) reserve unit that was responsible for supplementing the regular force during times of crisis. This type of restructure would really piss of the Marines as it would go against their ethos and traditions. They may even have thought that the UCAS government was going to disban them and that would further push them away from the UCAS military.
QUOTE (PBTHHHHT @ Mar 22 2009, 03:22 PM) *
Oh and from the impression I got from that one Srun novel, the marines went with CAS during the split.
The USA has three Marine Expeditionary Forces. CAS has two, so one could make a reasoned (but unsubstantiated as far as I know) argument that UCAS has one Marine Expeditionary Force.

As for the Canadian forces gained by UCAS, Canada had no marine corps when the source books were written. By 2010, they will have the Marine Commando Regiment, but it is tiny compared to a US Marine Expeditionary Force. So again one could make the reasoned, but unsubstantiated, argument that Canada's MCR would have been folded into the one UCAS Marine Expeditionary Force.
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