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Full Version: Does the quality "High Pain Tolerance" stack with the adept power "Pain Resistance"?
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Hey everybody,

I was just curious if there was a general consensus on the question indicated in the title of the thread. As far as I can tell, there's no rule against it, but it seems like it's a bit busted. By the way, this would be for SR4A.

Why shouldn't it be? Focused Concentration and Centering are also compatible.
Off the top of my head now (at work and no books), I could have sworn that they do not. Ether from an FAQ, Erreta, or line in the books. Will have to look when I get back home.
BBB pg. 78, High Pain Tolerance
This quality may not be used with the Pain Resistance adept power, pain editor cyberware, or damage compensator bioware.

Don't know if this has changed in errata or SR4A.

Nope. Same on p. 91 of SR4A.
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