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Full Version: Metatype Creation Rules
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My search-fu is weak! So I'm begging for some help. Are there rules for creating other types of meta-humans?

Best regards

SURGE in Runner's Companion might help.
Phylos Fett
Any particular type of metahuman you were looking to create?
I think, as mentioned above, using the changeling rules is your best bet. Heck, the meta-varients are for the most part slightly cheaper changelings with static traits.
Choosing a metavariant and then SURGE-ing is very fun.

Fomori + SURGE III = Really fun.
Fomori on their own is just fun, but i can just imagine one with SURGE III....oh the possibilities!!
And then give them an insect/cephalapod head just for kicks to see how long they live wobble.gif
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