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Full Version: Smartlink Retinal Modification
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In the Anniversary edition of SR4, on page 283 I noted the LS Lt. had a Smartlink (Retinal Modification). I for the life of me can't find this in the books (as far as cost, what it does, etc.)

Can anyone give me any insight on this?

Its the same as a smartlink you'd put in a cybereye, but without the eye replacement so it costs essence (instead of capacity).

it's the smartlink system it self, not the added component to cybereyes.

Pg 341 SR4A under Eyeware they list it as Essence or Capacity.

Hope that helps,
Does one need an image link retina modification in order to use the smart link retina modification?
Nope the smartlink is all inclusive.
Dakka Dakka
QUOTE ('SR4A p. 340)
An implanted version of the smartlink enhancement (p. 333).

QUOTE ('SR4A p. 333')
Requires an image link

Usually a non-issue as cybereyes have an imagelink as standard accessory but for the implant in the natural eye you need the imagelink as well.
opps, see what happens when you don't read the whole description
Phylos Fett
How many people take just the retinal modifications for their characters (or GMs designing NPCs)?
QUOTE (Darth Phylos @ Mar 29 2009, 08:35 PM) *
How many people take just the retinal modifications for their characters (or GMs designing NPCs)?

It depends..sometimes, it can be cheaper essence wise, to get the Smartlink, and have glasses, goggles, or helmet with the Image link. It would seem to me that the Smartlink with the right connection set up is going to be more secure, since it will have less acces points(especially if you do goggles and smartgun with Skinlink, and the Smartlink is implanted because it makes cyber-safety shooting the officer with his own gun, if the smartlink that is authorizing the gun is in the officer's head, not in goggles.)
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