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Full Version: Technomancers, Threading, and Swap
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For Technomancers, Threading imposes a -2 penalty to all other Matrix tasks for each threaded complex form. Swap reduces the penalty by 1 for each time the echo is taken. Does the modification for Swap apply to the base penalty, or the combined penalty. ie, A technomancer with Swap taken twice threads 2 different complex forms. Is the penalty now -2 (-4 for 2 threaded forms, reduced to -2 for the Swap) or is there no penalty at all (each threaded form imposes a -2 penalty, reduced to 0 each for Swap)?
Well, Errata says the following:
“Swap reduces the sustaining modifer when threading a Complex Form by one.?

So... i figure if you take it twice there is no penalty. I'd like to ask the devs about RAI.
That's my favourite errata to Unwired.

Absolutely and totally fails to clear the issue up. Wunderbar...

(Sorry, I've no idea how to do Umlauts on a GB keyboard.)
QUOTE (crizh @ Apr 1 2009, 11:34 AM) *
(Sorry, I've no idea how to do Umlauts on a GB keyboard.)

Likely can't on the forums. MS Word uses the ctrl+:, u shortcut (that is, hold control, type a : (that is, shift + ; ) then release and hit u). Anytime I want those special symbols in a forum post I just open Word and copy-paste.
Interesting, because the Unwired 2nd printing says that Swap reduces the overall sustaining modifier for threading one or more Complex Forms by 1.
QUOTE (crizh @ Apr 1 2009, 05:34 PM) *
(Sorry, I've no idea how to do Umlauts on a GB keyboard.)

Hey, your Wunderbar was good as it is, where'd you set those äöü's anyway? wink.gif
Does the 'u' not have an umlaut?
Nö, your writing was correct. nyahnyah.gif
The original Unwired printing is extremely unclear as to how Swap works.
The Unwired Errata changes the description, but does absolutely nothing to clarify it.

My suggestion:
Unwired House Errata
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