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Mr. Valentino
Okay, finally got my Shadowrun game up and moving, and got moving into our first run. Figured I'd tell everyone about the group that'll likely send me back here week after week, pulling what's left of my hair out.


Carotis Lamont - Troll Physical Adept. Former Sioux Wildcat. Originally from Aztland. Mostly focused on critical attacks. Fled to Seattle to avoid desertion charges.

Thaddeus Lamont - Troll Street Samurai. Carotis' elder brother. Thaddeus remained in Aztland, and Aztechnology made him an enforcer. They plan to eventually make him a cyber-zombie. Thaddeus is free to do what he likes, but is considered to be "On Call" for Aztechnology at all times.

Susan - Dwarf Med-Mage. An avid Bliss user, Susan has taken to the life of a Shadowrunner for unknown reasons. Often spaced out and kind of a bitch if pushed, Susan has a habit of staying in the team van and acting as a MASH unit. Susan is using the Wiccan Tradition from Street Magic.

Diom - Ork Mystic Adept. A blades specialist, Diom idolizes ancient Greek mythology, and is determined to bring back their ideals to this world. Focused on Buffing himself, Debuffing an enemy, and turning them into a quivering red paste before they can blink.

Haru - Elf Technomancer. Haru grew up in a joyhouse, and his original profession is the oldest of them all. This joyboy done good calls the joyhouse his home, and has gone to great lengths to fortify it. (it may just become the team's HQ)

Hank "Venom" McNeil - Human Mechanic/Weapons Specialist. The resident gun bunny/grease monkey. If it goes bang or vroom, chances are he can find it, fix it, fence it, or fry it. Actively dislikes that everything has become computerized these days, and though he knows how to repair and design modern electronics, he doesn't use them in his own weapons.


Beldaran - Elf Eagle Shaman Sniper/Ranger. He has just been introduced after spending four days in a Humanis Policlub torture chamber. He's rather anti-social, but has undeniable skills. Most spells focused on sight and detection. Has a Scimitar foci. He's a pseudo-PC because the player who plays him has plans on game night, and can't make it in til late, so I run him as an NPC until he arrives.

NPCs (so far, not counting assorted contacts)

Wraith - Human fixer. Wraith is one of the lucky ones. He managed to retire from the life of a Shadowrunner without it involving massive blood loss. After trying to break into the SimSense biz with chip recordings of his old shadowruns, he was caught when he tried to release BTL versions of those chips, and now he's trying his hand at being a fixer.

"Fast" Eddie Sanchez - Elf Mystic Adept Smuggler/Mnemonic Courier. Eddie has been rescued alongside Beldaran. Eddie is a severe novacoke addict, and suffering from extreme withdrawals (he's been in the torture chamber longer than Beldaran).

So, that's it so far. A friend is making a Human cybered out street-sam/infiltrator, but she's undecided as to whether or not she's actually going to play.

Any ideas for some runs based on what I've got so far? Suggestions on how to run with a magic heavy group?
Sounds like a well rounded team. I would focus heavy fire on the magic and magic on the fire power gonna have to tie em up and hit em where there week. Some kind of manatech run sounds good. A prototype snatch.
I would focus on high-octane, low realism games. This group gives the impression they want to kick ass, take names and blow shit up rather than explore the complex subtelities of the shadows. So big facility B&E hits, shit with insect spirits and other magical threats, cybered up hit teams, etc. Just let them blow shit up, they'll be happy.
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