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Full Version: Dodging Area Attacks?
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Quick rules clarification for SR4th (2006). If a character fires a grenade using an air-burst link it appears the target has a -2 to his reaction role to dodge the attack. IF the character succeeds in dodging the roll, beating the attacks net success, what exactly occurs?

1. Do they escape damage all together?
2. Do they have an opportunity to use a free action to run away from the blasts attacks?
3. Something else entirely.
4. And if it's 1 or 2, what exactly are the rules outcome?

Thanks in advance. The rules for being allowed to dodge area blasts has been confusing to me.
Prime Mover
1.Target opposes attackers roll.
2.Determine Scatter.
3.If the attacker has net success's he subtracts from scatter.
4.If defender has more net success's assess damage from distance determined in scatter test.

Edit: SR4A states that net success on the attackers part no longer add to damage for grenades. What about rockets and missiles?
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