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Full Version: Question about mission conversions?
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I'm Juttasolo & brand spanking new to these forums. My gaming experience has been limited to just a player, though I would like to make a step over to the 'dark side' ie. gm'ing. While I play primarily in a D&D group, and specifically the 4th ed. rule set, my interest would be to GM a Shadowrun campaign. There is a thread in the Shadowrun forum that answers some of my questions Dumpshock Forums - Discussion - Shadowrun, but not all of them.

I have quite a lot of the 3rd edtion Shadowrun sourcebook material, with some 2nd ed thrown in for good measure. My question is, how do you update the story details in the older mission books (Harlequin, Queen Euphoria, etc.) to reflect the current geo-political situation of the game world as is represented in the rule set one chooses to use? In my case, I would like to GM using the 3rd edition rule set, and, hopefully convert some of the older missions over to 3rd ed.

Hopefully, my question doesn't engender a lot of facepalming, or, 'Who is this noob?' type of questions. If it does, you can send me a private message and no one else on the board, except for you and me, need to be any the wiser for it. smile.gif

Thanks for considering my question and I look forward to any and all feedback.



If your players are mostly unaware of details of the geo-political situation (as tends to be the case), then who gives a fuck? I don't know, I don't really see a problem. If you run Queen Euphoria in 3rd, technically after the events of the UB... well, whatever. Is your campaign so finely in tune with the events of the world that your players are gonna throw the dice in the air and walk away?
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