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Full Version: Where can I find Tiles?
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Doc Hopper
I've been looking through my Sprawl Sites book (such a lifesaver for the mapping-disinclined) and have seen neato tiles and miniatures in grainy photos. I doubt I'll be able to find the exact same tiles to recreate those spiffy scenes, but any tiles would help inject some realism into my game.

There are a lot of dungeon tiles out there, but what about tiles for office suites, worn-down everything (for the Barrens), bars, and streets?

What sort of mapping do you guys/gals use? I want to move on from graph paper, white boards, and battle mats.
If you can get a hold of the old Shadowrun 'board game' DMZ, they'd have what you are looking for. I recall seeing stuff from the old Judge Dread game that also was somewhat similar to what you have in mind.
Sprawl Maps (product number 7401) is the product that I believe you are thinking of.

If enough people are interested though, let Rob Boyle know and he might be willing to either reprint the original product or produce something along the same lines.
I knew there was another one I was forgetting!
My Shadowrun collection is missing the DMZ box set (along with the Shadowrun Music CD). A fact that perturbs me those may be better than the ones out of Sprawl Maps although I can't be sure. biggrin.gif

Damn...I love the line of products that have been produced for Shadowrun! biggrin.gif
Microtactix Games has some cool cardstock scenery and map kits; they've been doing some more modern stuff lately, like the Twilight Streets set.
Ancient History
The minis in the photos in Sprawl Sites are old 1st-edition Ral Partha SR figs based on the archetypes and contacts from the 1st edition book and Sprawl Sites.

Cool stuff, available on e-bay and in bargain-bins everywhere.

*Gently strokes his Western Dragon mini*
Actually, the minis in the photos of Sprawl Sites are old Grenadier models. (Never thought I'd get to correct the Ancient History grinbig.gif ) Now, which western dragon do you have? (There are four total - three by partha)

Ral Partha came in a little bit later and made far superior minis - Stiggybaby has a whole bunch of the Ral Partha SR minis, but for the grenadier ones you have to go ebay or similar, I think.

Personally, I have almost all of the Partha minis (doubles of some) and a bunch of the grenadier ones, but I am still lacking a few I really, really want - Lofwyr and a Plastic Feathered Serpent by Partha, and the old Western Dragon from Grenadier. And I wouldn't mind a second copy of the Corporate Dragon from Partha. (Can you tell I like dragons?)
ive actualy been thinking of getting a tabletop map of current day seattle and surrounding subburbs and trying to edit it....

alot of work i know... but wouldnt the finished product be oh so useful.
Ancient History
Damn, that's wonder my dragon doesn't smell like ralidium. Silly me.
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