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Full Version: The Balkans
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I've been sifting around for information on the place and come up pretty light. The main thing I'm looking for is how far the Alliance for Allah forces of the Second Ottoman Jihad got before the Kurds disapeared and they were thrown back?

I'm mainly interested in if they got as far as Croatia. Now the old Germany sourcebook has a section mentioning the AGS' relations with Croatia and talks about it as though it was still there and intact. But the Shadowrun main book says that southern France, Italy and the south-eastern European states splintered into hundreds of city-states. Now AFAIK, FanPro has mainly ignored this for places like France and Italy- since it's just too complicated and annoying to do- although they did break up Greece. So we have conflicting information. But the Germany sourcenook was Second Edition IIRC. Bah. sleepy.gif

Shadows of Europe is meant to have a very brief reference about the place but I'm not sure I actually believe that it exists. I've seen some of the early writing, just not sure if it's ever going to make it out. wink.gif
Ancient History
Not much to tell you. Greece and the Balkans back up into the Ukraine and other nigh-verboten ED territory; Italy and France have received tiny bit-pieces every now and again, but not a whole Hell of a lot.
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