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Full Version: Getting Creative with Cyber
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Thoughts on unusual cyber: Eyebands, for example. Does anyone here use them? I love the cool factor, but how useful are they on a typical run? And does anyone use spurs anymore?

Unusual uses: Things like a single cybereye on the end of a balance tail, or the like. Get creative ^_^

[Edit:] Bioware counts too smile.gif
Always wondered why a dual smartlink interface was never introduced. It would need some kind of processing piece to orient the different views for dual wield but I'm sure it could be done. I think my GM might have had one made in SR@ but not sure.
you mean, kinda like this?
QUOTE (Stahlseele @ Apr 6 2009, 01:59 PM) *

Oops. Well, consider this a continuation of that thread, then. I did not know that was there.

Or would you prefer threadomancy?
i don't care.
just wanted to give you access to some ideas the crazy in here have created and probably long since forgotten again ^^
There's not only unusual cyber but also unusual uses for usual cyber.
On the top of my head, I can remember surprising opponents with projectile spurs and using elastic joints to make it looks like my character was badly hurt.
Cyber tail with projectile, poison spurs?

Eye in a Cyber Hand Drone with Gecko-grip?

Storage compartment with in leg/arm with a self destructing micro drone?

It's CP2020 instead of SR, but I was always partial to "Live Wires" data jacks. Basically, it is a data jack with its own retractable cable that has myomer strands allowing you to control its movement.

I had a character with two implanted in each wrist, two in each shoulder blade area, and two just above Mr Happy (who was himself a ‚ÄúSupersized‚Ä? Mr Stud implant with retractable spur). He also had an Oral Slasher (collapsible rod under his tongue that extends out a foot with pop out razors).

If you want to see some seriously messed up cyber, just read through all the CP2020 Chrome books. Hell, one has my fav weapon. A rocket assisted sludge hammer!
Heath Robinson
Modified Grapple Cyberhand upgraded to Str 10. Rocket Punch, then choke the life out of them. Finally, a worthwhile use for that part of the Subdual rules!

With a Balance tail and Balance Augmenter, you can use Foot Anchors as short, retractable stilts.

Cybereye Laser Rangefinder + Math SPU + Attention Coprocessor gives you a high accuracy position sense.

Foot Anchors + Gecko Palms + Smart Articulation = Sleep standing on the side of a building.
This is great, guys! Keep it coming!
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