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Full Version: KNOCK IT OFF (Everyone read this)
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Knock it off. All of you. This pointless bickering and arguing and accusations and whining and persecution complex bullshit ends here.

I'm on vacation, hanging out with Caine Hazen, and I believe a couple other mods are semi-AFK cause of Real Life and stuff too, else this would have been stomped on earlier. My apologies to anyone not involved that's had to suffer through. There's been a lot of shit stirred up ever since SR4A came out, but none of us have had the time todeal with it.

So for the moment, all I'll say is, KNOCK THIS SHIT OFF. When we get the chance, we'll be reviewing the threads, and I guarantee a few warnings will be going out. For now, jesus, grow up and play nice.

Uh, it might be a little helpful to point out what sort of threads are causing the disputes. I mean gun mods? 3rd ed vs 4th ed vs 4A Ed.? White eggs vs brown? Coke vs. Pepsi?

It might seem to you obvious because you've become upset at what you've seen but for some of us, we're going huh? and a little guidance might help.
Chances are good if you're going "huh?" AND haven't gotten a PM or a warning from me or one of the other mods, then this isn't aimed at you... But in general, any thread that's gone beyond "friendly, casual discussion" and into flat out argument, insults, flaming, or other rude and unfriendly behavior.

If you're posting the same things over and over and over, or posting more than 2-3 times in the same thread every day (or worse, in less than a couple hours), or hitting every thread releated to X posting the same opinion repeatedly, maybe it's time to step back and consider your posting habits.

Go read the Terms of Service again. There's a link at the top of every page, and they're fairly clear. smile.gif

At the end of the day, if everyone isn't having fun reading these forums, we're not doing our jobs. And most folks don't like reading endless and pointless arguments.
Heh, seems there is a kind of post-exam blowout going on or something right now...
Marvelous Marvin
No problem, I wasn't paying attention anyway.
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