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Full Version: [SR4A] I think I detected a little error...
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Page 192, table "Astral Attributes". I think the "Physical Attributes" are swaped with the "Astral Attributes".

Does someone else detected it?

I have the newer released pfd, btw.
Disregard this.
i think so did i O.o
because i only see the topic title, not the actual post
Mine seems okay.
i think it is a glitch in the PDf. as in when the proofreaders read over they knew what it all meant and didn't realize the glitch of flipping attributes names
yeah I got the updated version too

it is in both versions
i think that it should state "mental Attributes" where it has astral, astral where it is "physical"

that way your mental attributes are your "astral physical" attributes
I agree it is confusing, but I can actually see how those headings might have been intended. In Astral Space your "Agility" is your Logic. Any test that would normally use your Agility use your Logic instead. Think of it as an "Astral Equivalent Attributes" table.
That table is definitely working as intended (and is the exact same chart as in SR4 p.184).

It's best explained in the Astral Combat section on p.193 of SR4A.
Sorry, guys. Its alright. I just got confused the first time I saw it. But now I understand.
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