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Full Version: Ideas/SR4 write-ups of Awakened Fauna
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[After some thought, I figured this probably belonged in a thread separate from Chrysalis' "Aztechnology and Mayan myths (Behind the Shadows keep out)"]

I went looking for ideas of Awakened Fauna in Wikipedia read.gif I wonder how mana might have mutated something like Cymothoa exigua eek.gif, or worse, Sacculina (shudders dead.gif)


What weird-ass creatures running around in the 5th World would you think would become even weirder/deadlier in the 6th World? If you've written any up, would you share them here?
What about a Candeeru(sp?)? You know..the fish that is attracted to uric acid...
QUOTE (Cardul @ Apr 8 2009, 07:27 PM) *
What about a Candeeru(sp?)? You know..the fish that is attracted to uric acid...

I believe you are referring to the Candiru.

Although lurid anecdotes of attacks of humans abound, there is only one documented case of a candiru attack on a human. A well-circulated myth is that the candiru is capable of swimming up the stream of urine in mid-air to a victim standing on shore or a boat. Nonetheless, there was a case in which the victim claimed that the fish jumped while he was urinating thigh deep. They are also probably not attracted to pure urine. It is believed that they are able to enter a human urethra only when it is expanded during urination.

If this were true there would be no way you could get me to pee in the Amazon river.
QUOTE (WhiteWolf @ Apr 8 2009, 11:41 PM) *
I believe you are referring to the Candiru.

Should I be worried that my immediate thought was "this could be an idea for a run... instead of the lion with a thorn in it's paw, it could be Lofwyr with a candiru ___________. grinbig.gif After all, Western Dragons foreclaws aren't nearly as dexterous as humans.

Also, next time in Amazonia, must get local shaman to teach team mage "Exterminate Candiru" spell.
i'll just say it to be safe:
squeamish people should not click this
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