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I've always wanted to include car chases in my games, especially since the 4th ed rules were such an improvement over previous editions, but I can never really seem to find a good setup for it.

I'd like to know what other GMs have had in their games in terms of Car Chases, car on car combat, etc. How did you lead up to it and how did it turn out?
I'm in the middle of one right now.

Three vehicles, an americar, including the street sam with his rocket launcher and the group's full mage, a sportscar with the group's face and mafia contact, and a Roadmaster with the rigger, medic, fire elementalist, 1 wounded, 3 hostage (one of whom will wake up in 40 minutes, and become a combat monster, unless they can reach their safehouse 20 minutes away).

They just escaped basically burning out a bug nest in Snohomish in a gated community. The security company, wolverine, responded and they wasted a van. A helicopter caught up with them as they were leaving. The mafia caught wind of this, since they've been watching the nest, and have been looking to capture/kill these characters in particular, and asked Wolverine to back off. The three vehicles split (but are all on the same highway). The helicopter is following the sportscar, which is a few miles in the lead. A black SUV pulled up behind the roadmaster and rammed it. The SUV is a mafia vehicle, armored and armed to the teeth, and carrying a couple thugs plus a major mafia boss, who want to disable the vehicle, pull the people out of it and beat them for answers before killing them. The americar is a few miles behind, but figuring out tuhere's trouble. All of this is happening in morning rush-hour. We'll see what happens smile.gif
Well, the best "Car Chase" scene I have involved no chase at all, it was just an insane Cab Driver that spoke no English (Or Italian) with one of the PCs stuck in the passenger seat, constantly screaming out something and pointing to the fare meter, the surveilance camera, the automatic transmission gear shifter, and doing everything *BUT* keep his eyes on the road, as the speedo increased to ludicrous speeds. He transmitted his Cybernetic feed (Both Audio and Video) to the other PCs for help, and they just forwarded the feed to his Mafia connection. He got his Mob Nickname, however, and was "The Cabbie" afterwards.

But for actual car chases, the PCs had just kidnapped Goofy from DisneyLand (Long story) in a Land Rover (Tata Hotspur by another name), and was driving away as quickly as possible when the Mickey Mouse Persuit Team in Jaguar Custom Sportcars took off in persuit.

After a few "Accidents" (Bad rolls on my part), and a few dead civilians, and a dead Jaguar, they finally get onto the Highway, and start looking for "Off-Road Solutions", which, of course, there aren't any. It's in the middle of LA.

The Jaguars pop out their LMGs, and start shooting up the Land Rover, shredding the back of it. The team, seeing tracers and rounds flying inside the vehicle return fire, while the driver ("The Cabbie" mention above), starts performing insane manouvers in order for the shots to hit their unaffected sides rather than get it up the tailpipe again (Which I informed them was completely stripped and the rear hatch about to fall off.). I'm talking driving Sideways down half a city block, tires screaming in agony as tracers lance out and flatten against the slab sides of the Rover.

Finally, the group's firepower is sufficient to win the day, and the Rover gets lose, and they contact Mr. Johnson demanding a secondary location as they obviously can't make the first.

So, they get nice and safe in a suburb. Where they finally realize they forgot to remove all the RFID tags that was on the Goofy Suit.

Hey, are those Mickey Mouse SWAT Guys in the front window?
I had my runners charged with getting a large street gang to chase them to a megacorp facility as a distraction. they had to start a fight with this gang and get them to folow them accross downtown seattle. the best part was the harpoon that the gangers had on the hood of one of their cars
Our introductory game to SR4 was a road race around the Seattle Metroplex, filmed for road race/death & destruction junkies (we were on the tele!). Fat sacks of cash if you win (which we did handily), but no repeats unless your a "regular" on the show (which we obviously were not) because they want new faces every episode. Starting out, you've got 12 hours to mod this beater (the quintessential 4-door quasy land yacht) pretty much to your heart's content. This is pre-arsenal (hell, it was before Street Magic came out), so basically it was a game of "convince your GM." 12 hours later we've got a car with extra steel plates (armor), a blowtorched hatch in the roof held on by door hinges, and a quasy cow catcher in the front. spin.gif High logic hackers are good at modding cars, even if it is only their hobby. Much over-the-topness ensued. (I just know the notoriety for that run is going to come back and bite us one day...)
Only car chase i have actually played was with my medic/rigger. We were charged with keeping a technomancer alive while he was being hunted down by another runner team, and they managed to catch up to us just as we secured the 'mancer and get in my van (a roadmaster). They then proceeded to chase us down the streets of Seattle in their Land Rover eventually getting close enough to engage us (stupid traffic and slow van...). After they started shooting, things got interesting.

In short i started with 3 guys in the back of my van. In one turn the back doors got opened, drek happened, the ork closed the doors and was the only one left back there as we drove away. We left behind a large number of crashed vehicles and a wrecked bridge
Both me and the Ork got paid properly grinbig.gif . The other two had significant medical bills to pay, and we actually got rid of the other team by bribing them with the technomancers cash cool.gif

EDIT: shortened it cause it look really messy...
Well ours ended up being one of those, "What do you mean you don't have even a fake sin" to our rigger situations. As 2 Lone Star cruisers pulled behind flashing lights. Being cool headed i declared just f@#$ing ditch em. Well once superthunderbolt rounds managed to penetrate the van all bets were off. Our resident meat shield kicked opened the door and planted the perfect airburst link HE on one cruisers hood and i opened up full auto into the grill of the second with my colt cobra. My target exploded and the HE car failed a crash test and went into a pole. This situation gained me my very first point of notoriety. Maybe it was my finger in the air and my hand on my crotch ending up on the local news ... oh well, it was worth it.
Also a couple of games later with same group. We ended almost getting destroyed by a 12 pack of reality hackers in the middle of Payallup. We were all almost dead from previous activities and the bastards actually had front fixed AK_98's with Grenade launchers on their super fast mad max bikes. With our drone support and some good rams from the van we took their numbers down to seven and as soon as our hacker got control of one bike they all bailed but it was right out of MAD MAX.
Another of my favourite chases is in the story "A Night to Never Remember", the link to which is in my Sig.

Introduces the character of Nas, which has quickly become one of my most popular.
one of the runs I was gming my runners had Just finished a data steal on a yak pachinko parlour when there trouble shooter team showed up SUV with 4 mus types so they hopped into one of the cars in the lot and took off the phys ad was leaning out the back window and kept shooting at the driver of the suv ....whom he happened to one of the suv passangers is on the comlink trying to get the local go gang they use to come help the others have to scramble to replace the driver.....was fun times when the adept started throwing flash grenades out the window infront of the suv lol
The Jake
One of my PCs is a drake and was captured by S-K agents in a semi-finished building facing Puget Sound. These agents were wanting to turn him over to "The Boss" (if you're familiar with the back story on Drakes you'll understand why).

Anyway, after a short, vicious gunfight to distract the agents in the building, the drake leaps out of a 30 story window into Puget Sound (rolled very well with soak and Armor spell). The PCs, including a very drenched drake manage to pile up into a recently stolen car (disabled GridLink /anti theft) and floor it for the freeway. A couple of cars are in tow, but the PCs use their automatic weapons and clever driving to cause them to crash.

It was at this point the Yellowjacket with an LMG came out with a flood light.

It took a lot of fancy manouvering to dodge the machinegun fire and try and make to the freeway. Lone Star were on route so the Yellowjacket was trying to intercept and take out the car before the cops arrived. They escaped... barely...

While you had to be there, it was very cinematic at the time.

- J.
The group I was GMing was in a good car chase not too long ago.

They put a rival shadowrunner on ice... but not before he was able to call his buddies and let them know what was up. Before long they had a spirit tailing them as they made their escape. By the time the group realized they were being tailed astrally, the rest of the rival shadowrunning team was in a van coming up behind them.

The gunners in each vehicle leaned out of windows, spraying each other with bullets. The mages in both cars were frantically summoning and banishing each other's spirits, trying to get a one up on each other. Meanwhile, the rigger had sent an Agent to disable the rival group's van, which the group's hacker was in the process of eliminating.

In the end, the rival group's gunner managed to pump so much firepower into my group's car that it finally crashed. It was just a poor civilian sedan, not equipped to take much punishment. Fortunately the rival shadowrunners were driving a rental van and were in a similarly poorly equipped vehicle.

The shadowrunners started leaning out of the windows, returning fire on the van as it parked in a cover position. At this point the battle quickly went in favor of the group.

The group's mage got the upper hand on the rival group's mage, and summoned an air spirit inside the car, who began affecting the entire inside of the car with noxious gas.

One of the gunners used edge and fired a long narrow burst at the rival group's gunman, critically wounding him and putting him out of the fight.

The Rigger leaned out the window and fired an Air Burst frag grenade, and the car rolled pitifully to absorb the damage. Based on that, I declared that the frag grenade detonated the car, and between the grenade and the exploding car, all the occupants were killed.

I do have to say that we had a little bit of a hard time with the rules for car chases in the SR4 BBB. Combat took a long time, but it was pretty cool.
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