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Full Version: Devilrat Shaman
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The Jopp
Ok, so we have all the "Nice" shamans but what about shamans based on the awakened animals of the world?

Most of them could be based upon the already existing P.A but I couldn't find anything fun for this kind.


The Devilrat shaman is usually sneaky and cowardly and prefers to attack from ambush and with superior numbers. The size of the opposition doesn't really matter for the devilrat shaman as long as they outnumber the opposition.

Personality: Sneaky. A Devilrat shaman would always prefer to do things to avoid combat or at least be able to backstab the opposition as much as possible so that they wouldn't have to face possible danger.

+1 Illusion Spells and Detection spells but -1 for Health spells. Devilrat shamans are limited to Hearth spirits and City spirits.

A devilrat shaman gains a -1TN modifier whenever they outnumber the opposition in combat but will also suffer a +1TN modifier when they are outnumbered (Yes, two devilrat shamans WILL get a -1TN when fighting against ONE dragon, they are not outnumbered, neither are they sane...)
Why not just make a Toxic Rat shaman. IIRC, devilrats are pretty close to "evil". Maybe thats why they don't have a totem status.

Or you could make your Toxic Rat shaman believe he/she follows DevilRat....
Or just make a normal Rat shaman. Devil Rats are just rats, only more so.
There are, actually, totems based on Awakened animals: check the mythological totems section of MitS, some of them are actual paracritters.
northern lights

way to cool, though i prefer horned man and the wild hunt myself

the only 2 i've ever dealt with is bull and gargoyle.
There isn't really a Devil Rat totem listed, although I have to admit -- it would be amusing to play once or twice. grinbig.gif

Herald of Verjigorm
Would you then include a few odd awakened totems? Like the talis-cat totem, alternates between cat and cheetah modifiers.
Barghest shaman, kind of like the other dog types, but with a -2 TN to any attempts to induce fear (not sure how to compensate that).
Piasma shaman, like bear but increase every bonus and penalty.
Rockworm shaman, only eats dirt, no other advantages or penalties.
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