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Full Version: Bone Density Augmentation question
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Bone Density Augmentation states, "Increase the recipient’s Body by the bone density rating for damage resistance tests." Is this limited by the base attribut x 1.5 limit, even though it is only for damage resistance tests?

Also, is there any guesses as to how much the character's weight increases?
Night Jackal
It raises the Body for purpose of damage testing. So it would be limited by the Attribute bonus limitations.

If they said it added bonus dice or +dice pool rating then it would not be limited.

As for weight increase Google skelton mass vs. average body weight. Use the % to increase a persons mass by x2, x3 and x4 for each rating. That be my best guess.
We have always used the lacing/density augmentations to + Damage resist as not counting, however, regardless of what RAW says. IMO, if it doesn't add to the stat for EVERYTHING, it should not be limited to the stat.
Anyone with a copy of the SR4A PDF want to chime in and tell us if they cleared up the wording on this or not? If they haven't, that would be a good thing to fix before it gets printed.
QUOTE (SR4A PDF (revised) @ Apr 15 2009, 10:50 AM)
Bone Density Augmentation: In a long and painful process,
the molecular matrix of the subject’s bones is altered for density and
strength. The procedure also strengthens ligaments, but as a side effect
increases the character’s weight. Increase the recipient’s Body by the
bone density rating for damage resistance tests. Characters with bone
density augmentation deal Physical damage in unarmed combat. Bone
Density Augmentation is incompatible with the Bone Lacing implant

Still says it adds to the Body for Damage resistance tests. I'm thinking it's bonus dice rather than an attribute increase personally. But the rules as written don't say specifically.
Yeah, this issue has been one that has needed to be cleared up for awhile now. I have always keyed off of the word "increases" rather than "bonus" when determining if something "counts" towards augmented maximum or not. I suspect the extra "for damage resistance tests" in this case means that they don't want it counting for resistance to diseases and toxins, or to increase the recipient's condition monitor.
The general consensus was (I don't know if it has changed or not) that if it does not increase an attribute for all purposes, then it is not limited by the augmented maximum.

However, by RAW, it is increasing an attribute, & thus is restricted by augmented maximums.
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