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Full Version: Ghost Cartels Hilarity
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So, while running part of Ghost Cartels last night - the first Neo-Tokyo mission - I was struck by something.

Parts of Ghost Cartels are really, really funny.

Case in point: the two Russian mobsters the PCs are supposed to sell the drugs to on behalf of Uncle Hiro. You know, the two who are dressed like native americans and who are (implied at least) to deny being russian despite their obvious thick accents?

Anyone know who wrote this section? Because all my players just LOVED it.
Ancient History
I so have to get this adventure now.
Well, let me just say, Ancient History, that your section there was totally f'ing awesome. smile.gif

Ancient History
[ Spoiler ]
Yeah, I tried to describe them so their appearance wouldn't give them away. But then they started talking, and one player was like, "Are you MEANING to speak with a Russian accent?"
'Yes, yes I am. Because this gentleman is, as well.'
You never can tell...
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