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Anyways, why aren't there immortal dwarves? It'd way cooler than a bunch of pansy arsed daisy eaters.

"Aye laddie. I've lived for a several thousand years for the express purpose of kicking arse."

As opposed to frolicking amongst the daisies.
There are, IIRC. I may be wrong, but I'm pretty sure I heard them referenced.

Herald of Verjigorm
Some ED era dwarves were granted a greatly increased lifespan in exchange for their help in carving a bunch of kaers. (there may be a number of details I am not remembering right now)
So where the heck are they?

Can you imagine Ehran meeting one? eek.gif

Oh gods, that'd be great.
My incredibly shakey memory of earthdawn contains some references to very old dwarves, particuarly dwarf kings. I think there was one that lived through most of or perhaps the entire scourge.

Back then this lead me to invent a new sort of magical path for earthdawn. That of the king. Becoming the king involves lots of rituals, and a renaming, and I figured it would be cool if some of the older and more powerfull kingdoms had taken advantage of that making these into basically another adept path. So the king might live very long because he was king. He might have some kingly magical talents, most of which would be social in nature. Also after all those years of proximity to important events the regalia of the king (crowns, etc) could become magical items.
Ancient History
Three dwarven kings were given potions of longevity by the dragon Icewing(Ghsotwalker), which greatly extended their lives and greatly reduced their sperm count.

THere is a single reference to what may have been an immortal dwarf in SR, but on hindsight it could have been Ehran.
Of course, there's always Ghostwalker's short, and almost ever-present companion. wink.gif
Herald of Verjigorm
Considering Ghostwalker, that could be a Great Form Dwarven Ancestor free spirit.
Most definitely. I was just pointing out a possibility. smile.gif
I'm still trying to figure out a way for my character to get his hands on the Coin of Longevity. Thanks for the idea AH!
northern lights
read post mortem on AH's site. in that erhan poses as a dwarf, and harlequin as an ork. that might be the rumor of immortals in other races, maybe not too. i have no books frown.gif
I guess some of the rumors about immortal dwarfs have to do with us germans again biggrin.gif

There was a german novel trilogy that "featured" an underground dwarven kingdom (don't remember where it was supposed to be exactly) that pre-dated the awakening in 2011.
It also "featured" a dwarf who seemed to be the heir to the throne of said kingdom but had willingly gone into exile.

The majority of german readers didn't like the trilogy and this un-canonical kingdom was just one of the reasons why ...
good to know the germans aren't getting the jump on us in good novels!
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