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Full Version: Needs help with Weapon Spec/Face Build.
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Aether Guy
So going to be starting my first Shadow Run game after many years, and have kind of lost my touch. So I was wondering if anyone around these parts could offer up some suggestions. Going to be playing the Face/Weapon Specialist for the group, I am making him using the 120bp method. All I got down is that he be human. I know my skills and abilities will be spread out and choice is cyberwear will be limited. Just need to know what to focus on to be effective for face and in combat. Thanks.
I'm a bit rusty at SR3, but I'll give it a whirl.

For a face, the two main skills are Etiquette and Negotiation, and you should have a high Charisma, as well as edges such as Good Looking & Knows It, Friendly Face, and Good Reputation.

For a weapons specialist, Pistols is a given, one or two ranged skills with heavier weapons (don't try to get all of them at lower ratings - one or two at a higher rating is better - remember, you have defaulting as an option), and a slightly lower skill in either unarmed combat (most versatile) or edged weapons (most bang for your buck, still some nice concealable options, such as dikoted modern-design katars).

For cyberware and bioware, the minimum is cybereyes with the works, a smartlink, and some kind of initiative enhancer. There is lots of other good stuff, but that's the core must-haves. I think tailored pheromones are out of reach at char-gen, Availability-wise, so you will have to get them later. Hold out for the cultured bioware version, which doubles the bonuses.
Aether Guy
Thanks for the info, been so long since I last played I completely forgot about the biowear. I think now most of my equipment and weapon will come down which has the best chance to get past security.
SOTA 63 or 64 had a range of social adept powers that can work in conjunction with the aforementioned bioware and edges. Resulting powerhouse characters are sort of a blend between certain Dark Angel clones and that charming bloke from Seinfeld.
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