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Full Version: any IC gaming done here in SR3?
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new to the boards here and hope i put this in the right spot...
when games are run on the boards here does anyone still use SR3? those are the only books i have available (and precious few at that). and since ive been out of gaming for way too long how are they run via forum boards anyway? been almost ten years since i did that.
should this thread have been posted in the "Welcome to the Shadows" board?
It's not/you didn't/ yes.
I don't know about here, but if you want SR3, you may want to check dedicated gaming sites like (that's where I currently run two SR3 games). Alternatively, you're welcome to start your own smile.gif
thanks, i appreciate the point in the right direction. smile.gif
not quite prepared enough to run a game yet but maybe one day
Have you played before? If so, you can probably run a game, even if it's only with the main book and no deckers or riggers. One of my games is main book only, and I can assure you, it does not stop us from having a LOT of fun.
i played extensively throught the 90's and up to about 2001, but then i joined the army and started trotting across the globe so i lost touch with all my group members except for two. not enough rpg geeks in the infantry to get a game going so my gaming, much like my swordsmanship, has suffered while i concentrated on learning a new skillset. (in a way, i went out and got those runner's skills i always wanted but couldnt learn on my own, which, in a severley nerdly and jacked up way, was the whole point of joining the army. heck, when i took the ASVAB test to see if/what i qualified for i only did it just to quantify my skills grinbig.gif )
anyway, little of a tangent there but since i've been out for so long, im just not up to snuff on the rules to GM yet. gots me a lead on a SR3 game here now though smile.gif so all is right with the world
One of the really nice things about SR is that there just aren't that many extra rules you need as a GM. Enemies work just like runners and with experience you can pretty much make what you need on the fly. Everything else is just thinking of the right skill, assigning a plausible TN (you don't need to be exactly right, just reasonable!), and going. As long as you don't have rules-lawyer players who will complain every time you use nonstandard difficulties, you're good!
Sadly I haven't seen much SR 3 love here but it's still a decent place to hang out for ideas
you know, i've actually seen plenty of SR3 love around here but it seems that the new system has become accepted for many reasons. aside from various mechanics fixes (that ive only heard about since im still sitting on 3rd ed books) some of the main ones become story and timeline advances, new gear and spells, and the fact that all future products will be stamped SR4 until the next wiz idea. one tends to accept the parts of the new system and setting because some of the stuff they like is meshed with the stuff they dont. besides, you can always try and weed out what you dont want but that usually means conversions and house rules which, in an online community, need to be explained and set forth every time a new runner joins yer team.
either way, it doesnt matter to me whether or not some else likes the new stuff or the old stuff in any rpg you choose because, ultimately, im gonna do with it whatever i want. i mean, its my nuyen, right?

lets not ever forget Rule 0
Any reduction in SR3 love is because there are no new SR3 books to discuss, debate, etc. It's not that there are fewer SR3-lovers, just less for them to discuss.
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