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Full Version: Vampires and no essence
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I think I know the technical answer to this but I am looking for DSF's perspective. What happens to a person who has .05 essence if they get turned into a vampire? If they have had there skull and nervous system replaced?

If they become 'normal' what would happen if they somehow became human again, would they have 6 essence?
Herald of Verjigorm
Depending on the version of the vampirism rules. They might painfully regenerate all the lost flesh and regain a full essense potential (up to 12). The alternate is that they retain the cyberware, and must feed often enough that they don't lose a point of essense, because they are already less than 1 at max and cannot risk any loss.

There's also the "worst of both worlds" view where the victim has a max essense of .1 and expells all the cyberware.
Well, due to their regenerative abilities, I would say that they painfully reject ALL cyberware, taking damage as follows..

Up to .5 essence worth of cyberware - Light damage
.51 to 1.0 essence - Medium
1.01 to 2.0 - Serious
2.01+ - Deadly

Note: Unless the take Deadly, they are at no actual risk of death (as per regeneration rules)..

If they take Deadly, they must make a Body roll (TN 6), or die.

After that, they regenerate as per normal rules, and then regain their essence back to the max allowed for a vampire.

But that's MY personal ruling on the matter.
Due to my hatred of the concept of cybered vampires (I hate them roughly as much as trench-coat wearing lesbian ninjas on motorcycles with katanas), I'd rule that the vampire rejects the cyberware through regeneration. After all, vamprisim is caused by a disease, and presumably whatever it "learns" what the characters body SHOULD be like (in order to regenerate it) wouldn't include all those bits of metal. Otherwise, they'd just regenerate around bullets and eventually become walking bags of lead.

I wouldn't inflict any real damage for this - presumably, the cyberware will be "pushed out" as the body regenerates, so there shouldn't be any trauma inflicted. Maybe a light wound while the stuff is coming out, if you're feeling naughty, though cyberlimbs will probably be a bit of a problem depending on how the regeneration takes care of them. For all we know, the vampire will just destroy the cyberware as it replaces metal with flesh.

If they had their skull and nervous system replaced? The skull would be a problem, but the nervous system should be repaired as fast as the cyberware is destroyed, and since the skull doesn't actually replace the brain, you'd probably end up with a freaky-looking vampire for a bit until the head regenerates. Certainly, you wouldn't want ot get into a situation where someone might whack you upside the head.

Just my opinion, especially given that I'm not exactly up to date on the vampire rules.
The way my GM ran it when two of his PCs were turned, and the way I'm running...

Basically, all the bits of metal in your, and all the bioware too (since it isn't fully natural, it just cons your body into thinking so) is "liquified" and pushed out through any and all available holes. Very painful, very messy, and very, very nerve-racking to watch. If the meta succesfully lives through the transaction (Meaning he didn't roll a 1 or somesuch), they come out very feral, and slowly gain intelligence.

So, say Runner A and Runner B are fighting Wendigo A. Wendigo A manages to kill off Runner B after he inflicts some damage, but is regenerated. One less peon to worry about. Instead of doing the usual demeted thing, Wendigo A decides to eat now (Especially since he figures out Runner A is packing EX Ex). He chows down after a short melee scuffle and drains Runner A's Essence (What little there is, thanks to cyberware) to 0. He decided ahead of time to infect him, so Runner A now becomes HMHVV-In-Progress A and succesfully accepts the virus and doesn't decide to rip chunks of himself apart/blow his head off.

Now he runs off in incredible pain as his body regenerates all the 'ware out of him, finds a place to hide (Perferably dark, since sunlight is bad) and squeeze all that stuff out of himself. During this time, he is of the same mind as a beast. Up until, say, Essence hours (After you roll your wonderful 2D6 to see your new Essence), you are feral and running entirely on subconscious thought. You are now in "Fight or Flight" mode until that time elapses. Once it does, you are now fully sentient and won't just kill because you have no other option.

At least, that's my take on it. cool.gif
Herald of Verjigorm
QUOTE (tanka)
(After you roll your wonderful 2D6 to see your new Essence)

I thought there was a comment about new vampires starting with an essense of 0 and a desperate need to feed. It might be in the vampire entry in critters, or it might have been a house ruling I heard.
It was a house rule. I read all the vampire species' sections over a few times and found nothing to that effect.
That's how it works in White Wolf's Vampire the Masquerade, I think.

Except with blood points instead of essence.
It wasn't a house rule, it was in SRII's vampire description.
QUOTE (Sahandrian)
That's how it works in White Wolf's Vampire the Masquerade, I think.

Except with blood points instead of essence.

SR isn't V:tM biggrin.gif

QUOTE (Prototype)
It wasn't a house rule, it was in SRII's vampire description.

SR2 isn't SR3. grinbig.gif

Edit: Source and quotation would be nice, too. I'm pretty affluent in SR2 and I never read such a rule anywhere.
No one cares how much nuyen you had nyahnyah.gif

Yeah yeah, wrong word. I just got home from work. sarcastic.gif

I'm sure you know what I mean. I just can't think of the freaking word.
um, "familiar with?"
More than that... I wouldn't say master, but I can usually spout of the ruling of everything not magic-/matrix-related.

Like I said. Just off work, my mind wasn't in "English Minor" mode yet, as work is just rote and requires little more than "Debit or credit?"
"Certified credstick, actually."

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