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Full Version: Monster creation challenge
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Recently I was having a conversation with a few friends of mine and the conversation revolved around taking a normal NPC in Shadowrun and creating a monster from it.

The idea is to take some Joe or Joanne Q. Public wageslave and turning it with modern Shadowrun science and drugs into a monstrous adversary. The conversation moved to other things, but I found this an interesting concept.

The criteria I would give you is 500,000 nuyen and a generic wageslave character with full essence. What kind of a creation can be made?

Ideally, I want my entry to be the most rules-twisting, horrific abuse of GM power abomination posted later in this thread, only occupied by a Master Shedim with all the drain powers after the players manage to kill it the first time.

Barring that, I'll post some after work tonight. It'll give me something to think about.
hi are we assuming 2's or 3's for our wage slave? for stats that is

EDIT: im going to assume 2's for stats smile.gif oh and ill use a human
ok so here goes
Bob the milk man
bod 2(3)
agi 2(6)
rea 2(6)
str 2(3)
chr 2
int 2
log 2
will 2
rest doesnt matter
super thyroid
reaction enhancer 3
simrig(to tape the meham)
bone density aug 4
skill wires 6
expert system
muscle toner 3
auto injecter 3doses K10
dermal sheathing 3
cyber eyes with protectgive covers and flair comp and smartlink(i guess)
cyber ears with spatial recongnizer and balance aug
lower arm with biomoniter and radar sensor2(probably should be medkit)
Cost 356700 nuyen.gif

i belive mone density and sheth stack so you would have 3 bod +3 k10(bod) +4bone density aug +3/4 sheathing to resist damage with 3 ip and agility of 9 to beat ars and a gamage base of 9 in hth use the left over cast for skill wires 143300 nuyen.gif should do the trick for that and i forgot to throw in a pain editor but with the k10's high pain tolerence of 3 it shouldnt be a problem
All kinds of possibilities: here's mine.

Mikey the Mailman

Body: 2(3)
Agility: 2(7)
Reaction: 2(7)
Strength: 2(5)
Charisma: 2
Intuition: 2
Logic: 2
Willpower: 2
Magic: 0
Edge: 2

Essense: 0.04

Bone Density Augmentation: 4
Damage Compensator: 1
Muscle Augmentation: 2
Muscle Toner: 4
Orthoskin: 3
Suprathyroid Gland

Attention Coprocessor: 3 (Alpha)
Cybereyes II (Alpha)
> Flare Compensation
> Low-Light Vision
> Smartlink
> Vision Magnification
Internal Air Tank (Alpha)
Move-by-Wire: 2
Radar Sensor: 4 (Alpha)
Skillwire Expert System

102,000 Nuyen to buy some basic skillsofts, some armor and weapons, and genetic infusions of Braveheart, Endure, and Sideways.
I think glyph has already done pretty much what i would do. The move-by-wire system is great because of those lovely inbuilt skillwires, so you can just install whatever skills your cyber-pawn requires in any given situation. The expert system is a nice touch, i would have forgotten about that cyber.gif . I would love to give rating 3 alpha/beta grade MBW but even with 500k that becomes a leetle bit too expensive....
Cybertorso, Cyberarms, Cyberlegs, all alpha.
- Customise them 4 times (body, strength and agility 6)
both Arms
- External Weapon mount (improve Response+Pilot to 5)
- Armor 3
- Magnetic System
both Legs (4 capacity left)
- Hydraulic Jack 6
- Armor 4
- Magnetic System
- Radar Sensor 4, Articulate Weapon Arm (improve Response+Pilot to 5)
Wired Reflexes 1-beta

Total: 469.5 k¥, 5.8 Essence, Armor +14 (If an alpha-suite is kosher, add those implant-repair-nanites.)

30k¥ for two SMGs and one LMG: 1xSA Nemesis, 2x Ingram Supermach 100, Gasvent-3s

Now TECHNICALLY K-10 should still work, and Edge 2 is REALLY good for the odds of creating a monster.
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