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Full Version: THE PAYDATA
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Have a look at this, and look at about 2/3 of the table, it is very interesting.
I don't know if this is for real, or what.

...checking date...
Hm it isn't april fools day...
Heck Yeah! That's some paydata all right chummer! Just hope It's certified, looks like we got a few more books coming out soon. Thanks for the heads up Omae!
Ancient History
Well, all of those have been announced at some point. I'd take the dates with a grain of salt, like any other poison.
I'm going to guess that those dates are of the "pulled from rear orifice" variety, given the official Catalyst stance on the issue.
I'll add the titles to my list, but I'll wait for official confirmation on the catalog and prices (especially after seeing what they listed for the price of Runner's Toolkit 'Boxed Edition' :O )
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