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As a random passing thought, was wondering whether anyone had every played a character that was a cleaner? Not the mop and squeegee kind, but the getting rid of embarrassing dead bodies/crime scenes/situations type.

Kind of like the idea so I'm trying to come up with what would be the best combination for a cleaning team as it were. Full magician has to be fairly high on the list- cleansing metamagic, alter memory, memory probe, sterilise etc. Rigger for drones, getting about and rigged security systems. Deckers to take care of teh matrix side of things. Possibly a medic, or at least have one of the PC's medically trained, in case you have to deal with a wounded client. And maybe some muscle in case you have to run a reluctant witness down or just need them in case of emergencies.
Well, the 3 important people in such an operation would be a forensics investigator, a mage and a decker.

The CSI guy needs to be able to wipe out/destroy all physical traces of the crime, the mage clean up astral signatures and background count, decker all Matrix equivalent tracks.

Frankly speaking, the decker should have the easiest or the hardest job. Since not all crimes would involve the Matrix, but cleaning up would leave traces of its own.
My current character is just such an archatype, well half of it anyway. Brick is a split tough-as-a-troll physad/cleaner.
The cleaner aspect I took the skills
Physics (Balistics)
Police Procedures (CSI)

Along with the physad power of improved perception to give it a boost to noticing details.
I think you can replace the decker with someone who deals with breathing loose ends. Getting a decker to clean things up would be a separate contract, as that's far too specific a type of crime. People, on the other hand, have a tendecy to show up in inconvenient places quite often.
Hence the muscle. However deckers would have loads to do on their own with how much stuff is linked into the matrix/computer controlled by the 2050's. The most obvious is getting rid of/replacing footage from security cameras.
Crusher Bob
The skill lits sounds to 'excessive' (depends on how much depth you can the gm want for this, but CSI people irl won;t tend to have 5-6 skills at expert level, just 1-2) a better bet might simply be the skill forensics with the specialization of 'coverups' . Don't forget that you will need a toolkit, shop, or facility to do this sort of stuff with (so you'll need a van to carry your 'cleanup shop'.

Don't forget some 'cleansuits' so you don't leave evidence of yourself behind....
Investigator: "hmm, the same troll have been at 14 different 'non-crime scenes', sounds fishy" grinbig.gif
Also, having contacts with Tamanous is good for getting permanately rid of corpses.
I think a Cleaner should carry a suitcase around with bottles of acid. He should also have a good chemistry skill, and look odd. He should definitely look odd.
A Cleaner should be named Leon and have a little girl tag along after him.

sable twilight
"No women, no kids"
He wasn't really a cleaner. He was a pretty straightforward assassin. Also, he was in a bad movie.
"Cleaner" was his euphamistic term for his profession.
Also, the movie rocked.

sable twilight
Didn't Jean Reno play the cleaner in "La Femme Nikita" as well? Very good flick, but watch subtitled version, not dubbed. Just don't get me started on "Point of No Return".
QUOTE (sable twilight)
Didn't Jean Reno play the cleaner in "La Femme Nikita" as well?

Yep. In that one the character's name is Victor. But it's true it gave the idea to Besson to gave Reno a similar role to play in the full length of a movie, and thus was born Leon. And Harvey Keitel who played the role of Victor in Point of No Return played another cleaner, The Wolf, in Pulp Fiction, a character which can be considered as an hommage to Nikita.
I agree Leon was good.

As for little Naty Portman scampering about the whole time, I just wanted to smack her.

PLus Gary Oldman is the ultimate bad guy!

aside from that, cleaners would have to work with a very short time table. Most scenes, they wont have time to clean up. Cops get there too fast, etc.
I was thinking more along the lines of a politician getting too heavy with prodtitute and ending up smearing their grey matter over the hotel room. Something like that would be perfect for a team like this. Street shootings and the likeless so. :/
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