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Full Version: Yamaha "Sakura Storm" Fubuki
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So, how does it work exactly?

What the advantages of it being electronic?

How a clip of it looks like, and where does it fit in the gun?

By having 4 linear muzzle holes, does it have some special shooting properties? (maybe cutting off small joints, like the gun in PS3 Dead Space game?)

Is it big as the jugernault seen on Arsenal's cover, or is that just a cartoonization? (with a size like that, why not take an assault rifle already?)

Does it uses default bullets, or exclusive ones like the Ares Viper?

Umm, Should the search function here have failed you... you are looking for Metal Storm. Lots of nifty marketing videos on youtube.

/wonders if this needs to be in that new Uber thread.
This Link should give you an overview of the technical workings as well as advantages and disadvantages over more traditional firearm types.
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