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Full Version: Newbie Needs Help With Fleshing Out Contacts
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So I have two contacts and while one was easy enough to figure out, weapon master/smuggler sasquatch, the other is a bit harder. The characters real name is unknown. My technomancer knows him only as the tooth fairy. This psychotic street doc adept pixie thinks he is the tooth fairy and every night sneaks into the rooms of children, steals their newly dropped teeth, and leaves a cred stick as payment. Why he thinks he's the tooth fairy and who he really is will be revealed through a series of personal missions inbetween more important ones. Right now I'm trying to figure him out stat and skill wise. He helps my techno not just because he likes the guy but also because he brings him teeth every once and a while. Now he is a basic 400 bp build. I just wanted to make sure I did ok since I wasnt sure how to make him. I need help with just about all the mechanical parts. At this point I have 80 free BP and 1.5 points worth of magic for powers.

Stats: 170
Race: 35
Active Skills: 120
Knowledge Skills: 24
Positive Qs: 20
Negative Qs: 35
Resources: 10

Total So Far: 320/400

Name: Tooth Fairy
Alias: ...Tooth Fairy
Metatype: Pixie

BOD: 2
AGI: 5
REA: 4
CHA: 4
INT: 3
LOG: 5
WIL: 5
EDG: 3
MAG: 5

Influence/Stealth/Biotech Groups 4

Knowledge Skills
English N
Medical Background 4
Biology: 4
Chemistry 3
Street Docs 2
Anatomy (Oral) 4
Implant Design 4
Blackmarket (Organs) 4

Positive Qualities:
Astral Chameleon
Home Ground

Negative Qualities:
Predjudiced, Dentists, Outspoken
Allergy, Poison Ivy, Mild

Kinesics 2
Improved Ability (Medicine) 2
Three Dimensional Memory
Multi Tasking
Mystic Armor 2

Commlink Res 2/ Sig 3/ Fir 1/ Sys 2
"Little Helper" Agent 3
Common Programs - Analyze 6, Browse 3, Command 1, Edit 2, Encrypt 3, Scan 3
Hacker Programs - Armor 3, Attack 4, Blackout 3, Data Bomb 3, Decrypt 4, Track 4

Medical Shop tools

Fake Sin (Arden Rex) 4
Fake License (Dentist) 4

So can anyone help?
i would suggest that you worry less what the full character sheet of your contacts look like, and just get an idea of what they do and what they are good at.
Usually that would be all I have to do and what I am used to. But in this campaign we are required to have at least one full fleshed out contact. I decided to do it to both of mine because the other was to easy. Plus its good practice because I all the characters I have made were combat monsters.
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