So, I've been wanting to do a sort of faceman/bodyguard type, a combat-face if you will; one that can be safe when socially penetrating the inside as well as out. The idea actually was inspired by the whole elf/dwarf metahuman thread, and I figured it would be kind of fun to try to run with; the discussions of eternal beauty, biosculpting, and the like inspired this a lot, as well as how things like this might inspire their own kinds of racism/judgemental attitudes. I'm not too used to playing facey type characters, so I'm hoping this guy works out. I'm perfectly good at the combat parts, going with good ol' fashioned unarmed and Pistols for his combat, but I am hoping I got his social stuff down.

Our table still uses the old SR4 750 Karma builds, with the x3 Attribute costs; since Errata about this is not out yet, we don't want to go tinkering with the system. We find the old SR4 rules work fine for us. Usual houserules that we use are in place(no Availability limits at chargen, so anything is game if we want it.)

I still lack an ailas for this guy. I sometimes have trouble with them.

His concept is a little more on the darker end of Shadowrun, with an ex-joyboy-not by choice-theme to him. Hopefully it isn't too disturbing, but I didn't go into much detail here.


[ Spoiler ]

Appearance and Personality:

[ Spoiler ]

The Numbers:

[ Spoiler ]

I skipped the Influence Group since I wanted to get them separate. The Seduction specialization I figure fits his background, though he might not enjoy having to rely on it too much. I didn't particularly see him with Leadership. He only has two combat skills, but throws plenty of dice in them, IMO(14 without reach for Unarmed, Kick Attack gives him a massive +2 reach bonus for 16, and with his massive DV he'll do just fine there.) I really don't like the idea of using a Furby...but I suppose I will if I have to. He doesn't have enormous Face dice, but he's not a 100%, bonafide, pure 'face', but a hybrid.

Since all of his dermal deposits are gone, I left out the normal +1 armor bonus trolls usually get.

He's got 1 Karma remaining. Nothing I can really do with it due to the odd-numbers.

I might consider giving him a different mental flaw like Sensitive Neutral Structure to sort of fill in from an old drug addiction that he may have developed that he cleaned up from, but the Distinctive Style flaw actually does fit this guy very, very well I think. (Though I don't know-how many trogs have gotten this kind of bio-sculpting that he isn't so different after all?)

So, thoughts? Critiques? Concept-wise or mechanics-wise?