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Full Version: Questions about Disposable Commlinks and Fetch Modules
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Hello everyone,

I hope I'm missing something, but what is the benefit from System Rating 2 when only having Response 1, like the Disposable Commlinks have. And on top, won't the Agent on the Fetch Module run atmost on rating 2, because the Rating is limited by System and System is limited by Response?

Or does the limitation on the System rating only affect the processor limit?

Thanks in advance,
The Fetch is equipped with a Browse program of equal rating and a personafix program (both also run on the processor)

Since both run on the Fetch processor the commlink's statline doesn't matter. The commlink being able to get a signal to the matrix does, however, so Signal 1 could present a problem in areas with lots of vegetation, the slightest amounts of antiwireless paint, or a hill. [Vegetation and hills reducing signal is per Unwired and at GM discretion so YMMV]

Speaking in generalities if you can afford a 4000 nuyen fetch module you should really invest in a good commlink with no fetch and a browse program (preferably with the Optimization-3 Program Option) and search the matrix yourself until you can afford an Unrestricted Agent to act like a Fetch module. The commlink is a solid need while the Fetch is lackluster at best and expensive to boot.
Thanks for the reply,
but what I meant is, that the Fetch-Module has an own statline, which says Response 2, System 3 or 6, but won't the System and Agent and Browse-Program be downgraded to 2, because of the low Response stat?

I know that a good Commlink is generally the better choice, I was just wondering.
Prime Mover
It is confusing. It reads like its a totally separate system that plugs into your commlink so it can use its wireless connection. I would say the module represents the response stat needed to run its software, merely needing to be subscribed to a commlink for its signal.
Because its a modifications to a commlink I'd say it doesn't need a subscription. [in the same way a nonstandard wireless link doesnt need a subscription]
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