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Full Version: Magical countereffects
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Recently I came across in the Tir Taingire book mention of magical countermeasures used in paladin armor, operated by mundanes. Is there a SR4 equivalent?


Probably the manahazard containment device or some kind of variation thereof out of Arsenal, sort of one of those things if price is no object that could be made to fit.
Put radioactive material in your clothes...should create background-count.....and cancer.^^
There used to be that anchoring could create reusable magical effects tied to mundane items, that could be triggered by mundanes. Sadly the more recent rules have removed that ability for ease of use (the SR2 anchoring rules where flexible but a pain in the behind to work with).
Rotbart van Dainig
A device for generating backgrountcount by storing and constantly torturing kittens to death.
You mean porn?
Hmmmm....would sex with an troll (if you are an elf) count too? wink.gif
In the old days we would just fill wall spaces / vehicles / whatever with FAB, which one of our group would actively cultivate. It had no effect on our mundanes, but any magic that came near got unhappy real quick.
QUOTE (Machiavelli @ May 16 2009, 06:56 AM) *
Hmmmm....would sex with an troll (if you are an elf) count too? wink.gif

Gives new meaning to the RYANO.
Heath Robinson
According to some people on this forum layer upon layer of white sheets are real ultimate power against Direct Physical Combat Spells. Don't ask me why they like to play in such a world. I prefer to say that the aura of the wearer extends through thin items lying against the skin and takes the brunt of the spell instead of the item - that way you don't have to roll tons of dice nor do you get funky nudist time whenever the Mage throws out a Powerball. I think it's safe to say that most people think that the targets of a Powerball should be taking damage instead of marking off a white sheet.

If you've got the oppurtunity you could use thin membranes inside armour that you can fill with FAB-II/nutrient mix to form an Astral Barrier around the wearer. Better yet, it's a liquid so you can cover the joints as well. I wonder if troops that expect to encounter heavy magical activity are given some kind of FAB-filled poncho, coat, or suit to wear to help resist magic. You might, instead, see manahazard suits with such a setup.

I believe the best defense against magic is not being seen, though.
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