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Full Version: Converting Shadowrun & Firearms from 3e to 4e
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I'm converting stuff from Raygun's Shadowrun & Firearms to SR4 at the moment. Now, I have some problems because weapon stats are very different in SR4.


Beretta 21 Bobcat, caliber .22 LR is a Light pistol and has a damage code of 5L. It's somewhere between a hold-out and a light pistol in SR3. In SR4 most hold-outs and light pistols have a damage code of 4P. Since heavy pistols have 5P, there aren't big differences anymore. Now, how should I convert this Beretta 21? Making it a 3P light pistol or a 4P light pistol and giving an -2 AP? And what about a 5M medium pistol?

Generally I'm looking for some kind of key to balance everything. Help would be very appreciated!

Dakka Dakka
The rules of SR4 do not work well with different calibres and thus damage codes within one weapon category, that's porbably one of the reasons (besisdes streamlining) why all weapons of one category share the same ammunition.

My advice is to just decide whether the gun is a light or a heavy pistol and use the normal stats. Alternately you could do something like the Hämmerli 620S, light pistol damage with heavy pistol ranges or the other way around.

For other weapons, use the normal damage codes of SR4, magazine capacity and accessories of SR3.
Same Opinion here
Just decide If your Weapon is Holdout,light or Heavy and Convert accordingly
And what about a 5M medium pistol?
There where no official Medium Pistols in SR3(a lot of Players Houseruled them 'cause the found the old Damagcode crappy)
If they where comparable to 9mm I'd put them to the Light Pistols If they where of heavier Calibre,they'd probably be heavy Pistols
but converting real Pistols to SR Pistols was allways a little Tricky
If Your .22 Bobcat is inbetween Holdout and Light Pistol it's your call to make it either a Holdout or a light Pistol but give It a normal Damagecode

with a light Dance
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