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The Jake
Okay - after reading another thread I got an idea. I thought I'd post some homebrew locations I've made up for my campaign. These are for Seattle but realistically, no reason they can't be modified for your own campaign.

Downtown -
[City Bathhouse, Sauna]

A recent addition to the downtown scene, this small private venue in one of the many sprawling skyscrapers in the heart of downtime offers a respite for the wear office worker.
Buried on level 36 of the Sony-Universal building, it is a place where people can sit in large saunas, relax, chat and unwind. The floor is split into thirds - a third for men, one third for women. The final area is a fully equipped massage therapy area.
This place is a huge hit with the corporate types of all ages, companies and backgrounds and is usually full early morning, midday or evening. It is a good place to do business since nobody can wear clothes into the sauna and the environment is unsuitable for electronic surveillance. The owners have a working agreement with the tower owners. It is equipped this venue with SOTA security and magical wards, contracted out to Knight-Errant, who also supply security for the entire building.

[Hellfire Club, Nightclub]
This warehouse club has recently opened and taking Seattle by storm. It has thrown the regular clubs like Dante, Penumbra and Underworld 93 on their heads and they are seething with jealousy after the decades of dominance they've maintained on the local scene.
This club opened recently and unlike the others, it is only open from 9pm Friday through to 9am Monday (24/7) however this seems to have increased the novelty of the venue. This nightclub is the epitome of nova hot. Within the first six months, the top five world DJs played here and tore the place up.
A techno-gothic/industrial/S&M scene, incredibly hot patrons they were somewhat selective in the early days who they let in. Original memberships were offered privately, now they can be purchased for 1000 nuyen per year, with the caveat that management has to approve of you first. VIP memberships give you access to level 3 and instant bypass on queues. Non-members can still get in, but expect a good hour and a half wait. Private booths are available on Level 3 but you need to either be a VIP member or know someone who is and can vouch for you.
Inside the three level club, expect all sorts - Goths, vampire wanna bees, thrill gangers, corporate types, fetish freaks, etc. Lasers and neon lights and holograms illuminate this place and throb to the beat of the hard hitting bass lines.
A large percentage of the people are incredible attractive (many artificially either by surgery or by magic) and almost any vice you could want goes on here. Security around the venue is super tight and due to the AAA rating of downtown, no issues.
The owner is anonymous and likes to keep it that way however, rumor is that he is looking to open the club on other nights of the week, under different names and themes.

Everett -
[The Lounge, Gentlemen's Club]
This multi-storey building blends in comfortably with all the corporate offices. The building itself looks like it was built in the mid 20th century. The place is a reknowned traditional 'gentlemen's club'. No women are allowed and most of its patrons are men in their early fifties and up looking for a respite from work and their wives.
It has a full stocked bar, pool tables, trideo and several rooms which can be booked for private meetings.
What isn't widely advertised is that it is essentially a front for the Vory V Zakone. The backroom is permanently booked for Vory business with usually no less than two bodyguards standing at the entrance for the Lounge and two at the doors to the rear room. The czar of the Seattle branch, Nikolai Kirov (NPC from my campaign - replace with the canonical Bilotky Czar if you prefer), spends a large portion of his time here.

[Anesthesia, Strip Club]
This is a recently established strip joint near Casino Corner in Everett was built by Konstantine Iakhotov and is protected by the Vory. It is a regular strip joint, nothing fancy. Despite Konstantine's connection to the Vory, none of his businesses are fronts for anything illegitimate. Anesthesia has a variety of strippers and acts performed. The Vory who do a lot of business out of the private VIP rooms will "throw some business" to the strippers who are willing to do anything for a few extra hundred nuyen.

[Razor's Edge, Bar]
- Dodgy bar on the edge of Everett, next to Redmond Barrens
- Contested turf between the Disassemblers and Rusted Stilettos.
- Disassemblers cause a LOT of trouble locally since nobody stands up to them. They make things tolerable for Garth (ork bartender - owner's son), almost impossible for non-trog clientele.
- Sebastian (ork owner) has long since retired, leaving the Bar to his son. Sebastian lives in a nice retirement community, all paid for by Khan (ex-PC troll street sam in my campaign).
- Only runners that go here now are ex-mercenary or the hardest of the hard (or those desperate to make a name).

Bellevue -
[The Apollo Clinic]
Beta level Shadow clinic. Based out of Bellevue. Has a public, legitimate front for the rich and wealth. Also offers shadow services (off-the-books), aiming for elite/wealthy clientelle who do not want their surgeries documented. It is run by a former trauma /cybersurgeon specialist, a wealthy Jewish ghoul Dr. Elijah Berlightner (aka. 'Bones').
NOTE: Bones has been surgically altered to appear 'Human Looking'.

Hope that's enough to get the ball rolling.

- J.
I'll go through my files on my other computer when I get back from work and see what I can dig up to help. I know I've written up quite a few locations, so I'll replace this post with something else when I find something.
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