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Full Version: Skills of the Trade
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So, we're playing tonight. We play second edition. It's going to be a series of short runs to prequel the campaign we're starting soon. I need some skills for my character though. In short, I was told that I should make a different character than the one(s) I have for the campaign because it's rather likely they will not be playable after this series (dead, jail, hostage, whatever). Normally, I'd say that's kind of lame, but since I was told in advance, it's fine nyahnyah.gif

So, I'm really looking for knowledge skills. Those listed in the core aren't particularly... i dunno, they're too broad. "Physical Science" and "Sociology" and great and all, but not what I'm looking for. For instance, one of the two characters I've been working on is an underground combat biker. He lived in LA and the underground arena was in Aztlan. He then went to visit his cousin(the other char i'm wroking on) in Seattle (by bike, he's SINless). Anyway, so this character has a skill in Border Crossings. Useful, might not come up super often.

I can't think of anything fot this new character i'm making (i only found out about it about an hour before I started reading about Tropes... >_<) He used to be in some form of military (probably the real one because...), he has a Tactical Computer and stuff to go with it. So, what are some knowledge skills that runners should have? I'm really only looking for useful things here, Taiwanese Pastry isn't probably going to be so useful on this one. <Strikes Again/Ha Ha Ha>

How about...

Rumormill (Note: each rumormill skill must be focused on a specific segment of society. Suggestions include Corporate, Street, Underworld, Government, Tribal, etc.)

If these are too broad, apply concentrations or specializations, as needed. And really, most of those 1e/2e era knowledge SHOULD have required at least a concentration. (In my opinion, of course.)

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