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Full Version: Assensing Free Spirits
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Clay Pigeon
When a magician assenses a free spirit, can the character determine that it's free? The assensing table (BBB, p 183) suggests that, with 2 hits, the magician can tell the "class" of spirit. The accompanying example (fire elemental) leaves a bit to GM fiat.

For example, suppose that Mojo is assensing a free guardian spirit. He gets two hits, thus can tell what class of creature it is.
1. Does he know that it is a guardian spirit? (I think the guidelines are pretty clear - yes)
2. Does he know that it is free?
3. Does he need more hits to know that it is a free guardian spirit?
4. If so, how many more hits?

Edit: Added SR4 icon.
Personally I would say that with 2 hits they know it is/was a Guardian spirit (or whatever original type), and that one additional hit would be required to tell "by looking at it" that it is free. However, as soon as they see it use a power that is usually not reserved for the originating spirit type, I'd assume that a simple Arcana roll (if needed) would reveal the (now) obvious.

EDIT: Maybe even with two hits you'd tell that it's a Guardian spirit, but something's wierd about it.
Dakka Dakka
Can't you always see the Spirit-Summoner-Link? If this is not apparent, then the spirit must be free.
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