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Full Version: Looking for an effective rigger character
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I just started playing in a shadowrun game, and decided to make a rigger. Making an effective rigger character seems a little complicated right now, so I was wondering if someone with more experience could crank out an effective character.

I was thinking they would be good with ground vehicles and competent with air vehicles. They would have mechanic abilities to repair or modify vehicles as well as other 'mechanically minded' tasks (this is the guy you call when you want to cut open a vault door, or modify an elevator). Some capacity to use drones with some level of competency would be nice if possible.
Well, what I do have is a smuggler-rigger. He is not competent at hacking.

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effective varies greatly from game to game. are we talking 20+ dice in the pool effective, 12+ dice pool effective, or 12-15ish in main dice pools with 6-9 in secondary? something completely different from the above?

in short, we need to know how your specific shadowrun group defines effective before we can help you make an effective character for your group wink.gif
I was generally rolling 6-8 dice for things I was supposed to be 'good at'. Other players seemed to be rolling in the 12-15 range for stuff they were good at, and 6-9 dice for stuff they were not supposed to be good at.
ok then, your vehicle(s) will need a 5 response most likely, in that case. then pick up the skill at 5 or 6, and add in a specialisation (12 dice) hotsim (you are using hotsim, right?) and a control rig (16-17 dice).

so for example, pilot groundcraft(wheeled) at 5. the rest is just easy-to-get equipment.

same thing for gunnery, plus add in smartlink for a total of 18-19 dice.

take aircraft at a slightly lower skill level, say 2(specialisation +2).

finally, get a halfway decent logic, shove in a cerebral booster (for example, 3(5) logic would be good) and throw in your engineering skills as appropriate, probably at about 3. that'll give you 8 dice in your engineering skills. you could even bump up your logic a bit if you wanted. pack in some knowledge skills about vehicles and you're good to go.

that should leave you with lots of build points (or karma, if that's how you're making characters) for other stuff.
Cthulhudreams isn;t bad. If you start with that and then run from there, you'll be groovy.

Do not underestimate the combat thing - the LMGs and grenade launchers just turn people into chop suey, and remember, the drones can still fire even if you're not directly controlling them.
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