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Full Version: High Pain Tolerance
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The Jake
Hi all,

In reading the High Pain Tolerance merit I'm not sure how it works.

Is it, that for each 5BP, you get an to ignore an extra box of damage? Would that mean for 15BP (max it out), you don't start tracking wound modifiers until the 6th box of damage?
Also, if that is the case, does it mean you only take -1 dice instead of -2 for 6 boxes as you would normally?

I'm also trying to understand why would anyone pick this over say, damage compensators, the pain editor or the transgenic treatment that ignores all wound modifiers?

- J.
Heath Robinson
Yeah, it totally sucks.

For 5 BP I'd expect more. A lot more.
The Jake
On a side note, if each cyberlimb grants an extra box of damage, where does that go and how does that affect your damage modifiers?

Back to HPT -
It might be worth while if for each 5BP, it reduced the wound modifiers by 1. So for 15BP you ignore up to -3 in wound modifiers.

Given 15BP at chargen would effectively pay for Damage Compensators 10+ (including use of Restricted Gear) that would actually make it worthwhile.

- J.
Heath Robinson
You can't actually buy DC 10. You're limited to items of Rating 6 at max according to the Resources section of Chargen.

QUOTE (Page 86 @ SR4A)
Finally, no piece of gear purchased at character creation can have a rating higher than 6 or an Availability higher than 12

The Restricted Gear quality only waives the Availability limit.

QUOTE (Page 101 @ RC)
Every time the character takes this quality at character creation (max 3 times), she may exceptionally buy a piece of gear with an Availability of up to 20.


Cyberlimbs give Physical boxes.

QUOTE (Page 343 @ SR4A)
Cyberlimbs have other useful features. They also grant the user 1 extra damage box to her Physical Condition Monitor for each cyberlimb she possesses.

I also agree that HPT should give you reduced wound modifiers.
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