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Full Version: Ah, a...revised book.
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Lost in all the news of Shadowrun books...well, there really hasn't been a lot of news. But anyone who was waiting for the Fanpro printing of Cannon Companion, come on down! It's apparently available now, and I'm going to go get my copy once the freezing rain stops. sleepy.gif

FPR10659, for those wanting to know.
Errata list will be up by Monday, along with some other stuff.
Will we finally get illustrations in the Cannon Companion like they did with Rigger 3?
That woudl just totally kick ass! I'd buy it agian just for that.
So how's the errata doing? smile.gif
Fanpro added illustrations to their rigger 3?
Rigger 3 Revised has vehicle pictures.
small thumbnails next to the catergories and stuff. Not a lot, but its *nearly* enough to make me buy it again. Nearly.
How about all the pretty errata? Would that make you buy the book? wink.gif
But I've already got that printed out.
I want full page "Rigger Black Book" illustrations.
Zeel De Mort
Any word on when the M&M reprint will finally be out? Please? smile.gif
QUOTE (Bearclaw)
I want full page "Rigger Black Book" illustrations.

Better get drawing then. smile.gif
So ist the CC errata ever going to show up on the page? Adam? wink.gif
Waiting for word from Rob about an issue with the errata file I was given. Sorry for the delay.
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