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Full Version: Tracing users through home/work location pairs
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Heath Robinson
The actual topic might be less relevent, but the second comment is a goldmine. It's inspired at least a few hours of rabid mechaniccrafting.

Oh, yeah. Don't use location-aware applications until the security implications are properly explored. But this is a Shadowrun forum. You should know that already.
Fuck, and i bought an iPhone just some weeks ago...
That'll learn ya to deal with the devil that is Jobs....
Bruce Schneier is a bit nuts on some topics but he only rarely is seriously wrong on security. And on the rare occasions he is his commenters are going to call him on it.

There are almost certainly lots of other subtle ways to do this kind of thing IRL.

I just wish the SR devs could decide how the game was supposed to work, as SRworld fluff goes on about how it do this kind of thing 12 different ways simultaneously, but the game breaks like a glass vase on concrete if you play it that way.
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